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    • 4 dec 2005, 06:39


    So what does everyone think of Tim writing some songs for the new album? Apparently he's written a couple tunes with the Warren Brothers for his upcoming release. Do you think he'll have a way with words like the writers he gets his stuff from now do?

  • I think any singer that wants to take a stab at writing their own songs should go for it, you never know what may come out of it. Listening to Tim talk (in interviews and the like), I think he can handle hilself with words pretty well. Could be interesting to here what he comes up with.

    Say goodbye to the oldies but goodies
    Cause the good old days weren't all that good
    And tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems.
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    • 13 jul 2006, 00:28
    I'm pretty sure tim's songs that he writes will be pretty good

  • I love both the songs he wrote on Reflected.. they're amazing, some of my favorites from Tim.

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