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Ledare: aniaki, intpmann och redhalo
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Skapad den: 19 maj 2007
This group is closed to new members.

Last.FM doesn't like us :(
^^ read that ^^

Welcome to Thursday Night Party Hat Party group!

Unfortunately, due to's unwise policy regarding blocking radio to non-subscribers (outside of the US, the UK and Germany), the Thursday Night Party Hat Party will be disbanding soon. We feel that this policy is unfair to members outside these three countries. It especially hits home, since two out the three moderators will be blocked out from the Party.

The Thursday Night Party Hat Party was an idea (slightly) before its time. Had been more customer-oriented in supporting requests for built-in chat and in not implementing this policy, this group would have had major potential. But alas, it was not to be. Perhaps some day will be ready for something like what we were trying to build here. But alas, that day isn't today.

It's been a good run, albeit with some rough spots. We've shared some really great and some really strange music, and in the process opened our minds and expanded our music libraries. We've made some good friends, flirted outrageously, freaked some people out, annoyed a few people, and generally had a good time. And that is what any party is all about. But now the party's over...

Theme songs:
* Party Out of Bounds
* Well Did you Evah!

* redhalo
* aniaki
* intpmann

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