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Music that is free in every sense.

3 principles:
1. This music is made for free (any materials used are either acquired at no cost, or acquired in the course of normal life, for purposes other than sound art).
2. This music is free to be listened to (the only cost is that which the listener pays in the course of their life, such as the cost to run their computer).
3. This music is free of all artistic, aesthetic, anti-aesthetic, and musical restrictions.

Too often when people refer to "free music" they are talking about only one of these senses - "free download", "free jazz", etc.

Please suggest artists that fit these criteria for the connections! :)

Note: several of the connected artists have made music that isn't Free; they're included either because they've made a lot of music that is Free, or because the equipment they used was really REALLY cheap.

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