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Ledare: IanAR
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Skapad den: 2 okt 2006
A group for fans of Talking_Animal, Jonathan. Let's get together and give him something nice to listen to...

Jonathan (talking_animal) went on a ski vacation for spring break to Norway and ever since he's been moping around his gray archipelago in its unseasonably cold and bitterly windy weather. Come listen to radio Theriolalia and maybe you can inspire him to get off his duff and enjoy the better weather, or at least get his schoolwork done in time for graduation in May.

His weekly artist charts:

The group's weekly track charts:

Personal to stacysmall: Welcome to Theriolalia; you're the first member of 2007.

Personal to cloudtrapeze:
Are you back from that little island yet?

Personal to NHA: I haven't listened to your punk song yet, but I will! I promise!!

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