• De l'art délicat du scrobbling

    3 feb 2008, 13:56 av -lepurfils-

    Le scrobbling est un élément essentiel de
    Chaque morceau d'une durée supérieure à 30 secondes est comptabilisé. Tout cela en soi est très bien mais n'est pas sans soulever quelques problèmes.

    Comment, par exemple, comparer des albums comme Yanqui U.X.O. de Godspeed You! Black Emperor dont les 5 morceaux atteignent une durée totale de 1 H 15 Mn et Skimskitta de Mira Calix qui pour une durée d' 1 H 01 Mn affiche 21 titres ?

    Pour une durée d'écoute égale Mira Calix aura une place trop importante dans mon palmarès personnel alors que GYBE restera dans les profondeurs du classement quand bien même j'apprécierais deux fois plus le post rock que l'électronica planante.

    La meilleure solution dans tout cela serait de prendre en compte les durées d'écoute par artiste et non le nombre de morceaux écoutés. Ceci semble cependant poser quelques problèmes d'un point de vue technique.
    À défaut de solution miracle, comme je me suis pris au jeu du scrobbling et afin d'avoir des charts représentatifs des mes écoutes, je considère que 5 minutes constituent la durée moyenne d'une piste, soit 12 morceaux pour un album d'une heure.

    C'est ainsi que va la vie mes bons amis...
    Le monde est vraiment mal foutu tout de même...
  • My Gang Recos Of The Week : 31 Oct 07 : Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton - Our Hell

    31 okt 2007, 03:45 av Babs_05

    Maybe I shouldn't reco this, there are already over 16,000 listeners of this track and Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton has well over 35,000 listeners as a whole, so she's not exactly unknown, but I am so in love with this video, I can't help myself. It's going in!

    Emily Haines was in the Canadian group Metric. The track Our Hell comes from her second solo album, Knives Don't Have Your Back, which was released in June this year.

    The track itself is good, reminiscent of Jenny Lewis of Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins and Rilo Kiley, but based rather than . That subtle is there in the background, but mostly it's (whatever that means). Tempo is soft and Emily's vocals rarely rise above a whisper.

    The video is beautifully done. Black and white inverted so we're watching images in negative. Light comes from where it shouldn't, the rest is darkness.



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  • Nine Inch Nails Open Source Remixes

    30 okt 2007, 20:33 av Babs_05

    In case you missed it, here's the link to the Nine Inch Nails Open Source Remixes -

    From the site: "After months of deliberation of nearly 200 fan submitted remixes, "The Limitless Potential" open source remix collection is finally available. This 21 track collection of the very best Nine Inch Nails remixes can be downloaded absolutely free from Painful Convictions. Thanks to Trent Reznor for providing the Multitrack files to the public to do with as they will, and the many talented artists who remixed the tracks.

    Several judges took countless hours to review each of the 200 mixes and came up with a list of 21 "best of the best" remixes to be featured on the site. Taking home the 1st place Hot Topic prize package is Dirty Scarab for his version of My Violent Heart (Prevention; Rejection). The 2nd place runner-up Faction package goes to the version of Vessel (Losing Control Remix) by Pushing Reality. Congratulations to both prize package winners for creating exceptional remixes and also to the 19 other winners that are featured here today for creating quality remixes.

    Some excellent stuff here! Entirely up to you if you want to download the whole album or just a few select tracks. You can listen to all the tracks on their MP3 player before you commit.

    Babs My Gang
  • Radiohead - In Rainbows : Average Price Paid = £3.88

    19 okt 2007, 18:49 av Babs_05

    Further to my journal, Radiohead - In Rainbows : What did you pay?, results of a similar poll conducted by Record of the Day were published today.

    There were over 5,000 submissions and the average price paid was £3.88.

    (Average price per download, excluding discbox buyers*: £3.55)

    28.5% of respondents said that they had decided to pay £0.00-0.01
    56% said that they had paid between £0.02 and £10.00 for the download.
    2.5% paid between £10.00 and £39.00 for the download.
    13% said they had paid £40.00 for the download (which came free with the discbox)

    Radiohead In Rainbows | What price did you choose? Survey Results.

    There was an excellent article in The Sunday Times over the weekend which is worth a read. The day the music industry died.


    There is no money in recorded music any more, that’s why bands are now giving it away

    Having waited four years for their heroes to finish another record, Radiohead fans were understandably excited last week to learn that the band’s seventh album, In Rainbows, will finally be released on Wednesday. But what really rocked the fanbase – and heightened the air of gloom enveloping the global record industry – was the news that In Rainbows could be preordered and downloaded perfectly legally for as little as 1p at

    ...Honesty boxes, it seemed, were the new rock’n’roll.

    ...What looks like commercial suicide is, in today’s reality, sound business sense. Records, CDs or downloads now have all become downgraded to the status of promotional tools – useful to sell concert tickets and fan paraphernalia. While there is still good money to be made in music, and particularly on the concert circuit, the record business – blame it on piracy, too many CD giveaways or the advent of the recordable CD – is a busted flush.

    ...One of the hottest new names to emerge here this year, the rave metal band Enter Shikari, refused to sign to anybody and in March released their debut album, Take To The Skies, on their own label ambush reality...

    ... The marketing of Take to the Skies was largely down to the band themselves, who have played nearly 700 gigs since forming in St Albans in 2003. Word of mouth, coupled with a band presence on MySpace, has done the rest.

    In November 2006 Enter Shikari became only the second unsigned act after The Darkness to sell out the leading London rock venue the Astoria. Take to the Skies entered the album chart at number four in March. In May they undertook a major tour of America – the first British band to do so without the support of a big record company.

    ...The reprioritisation in recent years of live music over the recorded variety has been dramatic. Attendance at arena shows rose here by 11% last year. By the time 2007 bows out, 450 music festivals will have taken place in the UK.

    ... the probability is that music fans now are spending more money on their passion than they were in the heyday of the CD.

  • Radiohead - In Rainbows : What did you pay?

    10 okt 2007, 19:47 av Babs_05

    Radiohead's new album In Rainbows, out today.

    Approximately 8,000 listeners in already.

    So, gotta ask - what did you pay? Did anyone pay a penny? Were you surprised at the 45p credit card fee? Did it make any difference?

    And just out of interest - what are your marks out of 10?

    edit: if you didn't give very much, and you're not getting the £40 set, do you feel guilty now you've heard it? Do you think you'll go back and donate more?

  • [London] The Arctic Circle - Introduction and Forthcoming Events

    7 okt 2007, 18:58 av Babs_05

    I've been meaning to write about The Arctic Circle for a while and introduce them to you.

    I'll start at the beginning. You may have seen me listening to my Chiller Cabinet tag radio, which is as close as I can get to the real thing - a show that started out five years ago on Classic FM (now moved to Chill DAB).

    Join the group.

    Earlier this year, the producer of the show, DJ Ben Eshmade, started up a new project - The Arctic Circle - - which is a music collective. In their newsletter, they describe themselves as "a community of musicians, composers, artists and video jockeys showcasing this country's legendary, current and future musical talents."

    Run on pure love and fresh air, (i.e. no money), The Arctic Circle quickly became a must for the London cognoscenti. Artists on the roster include: Roger Eno (Brian Eno's brother), Rothko, Isan, Max Richter and The Shortwave Set, to name but a few. It hasn't taken long for The Arctic Circle to establish a good reputation and win over the critics, to the point where their events are critics' choices.

    The events: the next one - this Friday on 12 October - is at The Whitechapel Gallery. Performing will be Matinee Orchestra, Dollboy and Sons of Noel and Adrian, all on Arable Records.

    Friday 12 October 2007 at Whitechapel Gallery

    Dollboy - Jungfrau


    The Arctic Circle Christmas Concert will be held at the Union Chapel on 5 December, featuring: North Sea Radio Orchestra, Ellis Island Sound with very special guests Mara Carlyle & David Julyan and introducing The Dollboy Windpipe Arkestra. Hosted by Jonny Trunk.

    Mara Carlyle - Baby Bloodheart

    Keep an eye out in the audience, you might see me! ; )

    Listen to the radio: The Arctic Circle
  • Seabear: These Are The Things, The Things That Dreams Are Made Of

    19 sep 2007, 18:41 av Babs_05

    I'm so lucky this week. I've been feeling just a tad under the weather and really needing softness around me - and that's exactly what I got. Neighbours have been quiet, weather has been dull and dozy, and the right music found me.

    I'm so relaxed right now and my arms are so heavy, I'm struggling to write this. What I really want to do is lie down, close my eyes and just listen, drift away.

    I've got the new Seabear album on. If you've heard it, you'll know exactly how I'm feeling. The Ghost That Carried Us Away (Offical Morr Music Upload) is an exercise in soft, restrained, gentle, dreamy .

    I can hear a whisper of Mr. E of the Eels in the vocal style. I can hear a silhouette version of The Shins, as if through a fog far, far away. Most of all, I can hear Belle & Sebastian as they used to be years and years ago, but again, only sketched. Sufjan Stevens is a heavy influence, but I am also reminded of Iron & Wine. That's the best comparison I can come up with - Iron & Wine. Slow, draggy, makes you slump and not want to get up again.

    I'm just... going... to check... my... cushions... are as... soft and fluffy... as I think.. they are...

    (later) ... I actually fell asleep. : )

    Just looking up Seabear in YouTube and I see my response was entirely appropriate. Michel Gondry used Seabear in his film, The Science of Sleep (2006).

    I Sing I Swim

    This is incredible. As some of you know, I have chronic insomnia, which is why you see me listening to music day and night. I wonder what makes this album so soporific? I have 754 artists/tracks tagged in my music to fall asleep to tag radio, and none have had this effect on me. Not so immediately anyway.

    As I was drifting off, I heard "Just squeeze the blue out of the sky", "You punched a hole in the sun" and "You've got a diamond under your skin". The language of dreams; imagery to capture the imagination.

    I shouldn't really be surprised. Seabear are from Iceland, home of Sigur Rós, and are on the Morr Music label, specialists of , and .

    These videos are worth watching - they're a showcase of what's on the Morr Music label:

    Part One (06.27)

    Part Two (04.58)

    I've got a craving for The Eels album, Blinking Lights And Other Revelations which I think should go well next. But where 'Blinking Lights...' is , rich and heavy with emotion and sadness, 'The Ghost...' is , slow and light. Like playing with soap bubbles. Watch the stopmotion video for this Seabears track and you'll see what I mean.

    Hands Remember

    To conclude: after today's amazing response, I think I'll be listening regularly, if not daily. Don't play this album in your car, will you?! Wait till the end of the day, when all your jobs are done and it's time to unwind. That's the time for Seabear.


  • Orba Squara Reach Parts Other Bands Fail To Reach

    17 sep 2007, 22:43 av Babs_05

    I've not had that great a day, today. For a start, it's Monday. The sun didn't come out and it's been dull and grey here in south London. More leaves are falling off trees and the wind's picked up.

    The only thing that made me smile was the Leave Britney Alone video, which was an 'and finally' on the evening news.

    I didn't even call Mum. I can't even manage to muster fake cheeriness.


    What do you listen to on a day like this? I went straight for comfort and started with Radiohead. Can't go wrong with old favourites. Then, out of curiosity, I picked up Orba Squara's new album, Sunshyness. I only had to hear the opening bars of the first track to know this was exactly what I needed right now.

    The music is , quietly upbeat and cheerful, but not aggressively so. It's cajoling and encouraging. And kind. Kind is the right word for it. Soothing, adorable little bells, acoustic guitars and friendly voices make 31 minutes fly by far too fast. Someone's having fun with maracas, and someone else is very good with the ukulele. If you're familiar with , you'll recognise some influences, such as Sufjan Stevens, The Polyphonic Spree, and Feist but if not, not to worry, they're subtly used and won't interfere with your enjoyment.

    Music to drift off to, to daydream to, to curl up on the sofa with a blanket and a book to.

    Ho hum.

    Have you seen the new iPhone ads yet? The music is from this album. It's the track called Perfect Timing (This Morning). Ah, now that rings a bell. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they delayed the release of this album till Apple gave them permission. They were waiting on the ads going out.

    Not important. Doesn't make a blind bit of difference to me. They made my Monday better and that's all I care about.

    Time to head back to the sofa. Think I'll have another rooibos tea.