Favorite character?

    • Dewiii sa...
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    • 21 mar 2010, 17:33

    Favorite character?

    Yo. Who is YOUR favorite character in The Wire?
    I think I'll go for Omar, Bodie & Snoop. What 'bout you?

    • Die_Phe sa...
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    • 24 mar 2010, 00:44
    Omar for sure
    I don't know exactly why, but he is the most interesting character

    • Vertiii sa...
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    • 30 mar 2010, 18:11
    omar is truly magnificent, but i think dennis aka cutty really gave beautiful colour to season 3 and 4... cant choose between the two

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 15 apr 2010, 18:00
    In bunk we trust

  • This is like the only series where you love every character, like Stringer may be the villain, he is responsible for Wallace's and D'Angelo's death, but still you can like him.

    So it's pretty hard to choose a favorite. Probably Omar, Slim Charles (just love his voice), McNulty or Bodie.

  • slim charles, wee-bey, d'angelo, marlo

    Redigerad av Schtoinkey den 20 jul 2010, 18:25
  • Slim Charles

    I can't pick up on most of what he is saying, but I get the general sense of it.

    Also, a fan of Wee Bey and Bunk

    "Just a humble motherfucker with a big dick"

    In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey.
  • Clay Davis !!
    Wee Bey

  • ...and Bubbles!

    • nuno816 sa...
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    • 31 dec 2010, 03:17
    Bodie, one of the few good slingers who didn't deserve to get dropped the way he did.
    Omar too, that crazy motherfucker. The court scene where he testifies against Bird is some of the funniest shit I've ever seen on TV.
    Wee Bey was cool too, even though he has the worst taste in women...

    • Konkapa sa...
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    • 10 jan 2011, 15:24
    Marlo and Chris

  • Omar and Bubbles were amongst my favorites but the whole series was shear genius so it's hard picking one character over another shiiiiiiiiiiiit !

  • Slim Charles
    Lester Freeman
    Micheal Lee
    Nick Sabotka

    ... Bodie (I hated him for what he did to wallace, but he redeemed himself in the next few seasons)

  • D Angelo is my favorite character

    Open your Third Eye
  • Jimmy fuckin' McNulty !

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