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    • 27 aug 2009, 22:12

    Introduce yourself.

    Introduce yourself. Why are you a procrastinator? Write an example.

    Hi I'm Sarah. I've been a procrastinator all of my life. This sounds like I'm admitting to an alcohol problem or something... anyways, I bought a car in April and I haven't put the title in my name yet. It's only been what? Four or five months. I hate the DMV and plan to put it off a little while longer.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 27 aug 2009, 22:18
    Hi :)
    I'm Pablo and I'm a little procrastinator

    • DrkZero sa...
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    • 27 aug 2009, 22:41
    Hello, My name is Simon & I'm procrastinator. (The crowd: Hiiiii.. Simooooon..)

    Anyway, I'm procrastinator mainly because of the psychological reason that deep down I'm afraid I might screw things up So I avoid doing them until I have no other choice, I've been trying to change that lately, since I entered college, and more recently in my drum playing, I've been recording stuff with friends, covering songs, which I rarely used to do :)

  • PrinceAmled AKA Agent Schmidt AKA Agent Mulder AKA Christian.

    I love X-Files. I know much... Too much. That's why I made the group People Who Feel Like They Know Too Much. I also belive that aliens are real (Not the part involving them being on Earth, though) and ghosts are real. Hence my other group, We Want To Believe. This makes me pretty awesome, as you can see here. Because I have these two groups, and partially the last one, I thought: "Luvausten (Pam) is also very awesome... Why don't she make a group... And look at what we found out!

    P.S. I like platypuses, chocolate and fun.

    If you can't be a good example, you'll just have to be a horrible warning
    • Scorpil sa...
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    • 28 aug 2009, 22:44
    Oh... You know... I'll introduce myself later...

    What we have once enjoyed we can never lose...
    All that we love deeply becomes a part of us...
  • hey.. I"m EvanescenceFan4 and I'm a procrastinator :)


    • Snoflak3 sa...
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    • 28 aug 2009, 23:50
    cbf. meh.

    Imagination lets us learn from mistakes we haven't made.
    • Snoflak3 sa...
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    • 28 aug 2009, 23:52
    But actually, I'm Chris and I'm and alcholo- Prcrastinater! Thats what I said. I have done about as much study and worthwhile activity in my life as most normal people do in ten minutes of sleep. Enjoy my contribution because this took a LOT of effort.

    Imagination lets us learn from mistakes we haven't made.
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 29 aug 2009, 09:33

    i always use to think: oh there is still enough time, so right now i can just do what i want.
    after some time had passed again: there is still enough time, i'll just have to do a little harder then but it'll work out.
    then time is over and i get stressed, because i use to make breaks like every ten minutes and there is way more to do then i thought in the beginning...

    i am michael, 21, biology-student in austria and i take life more the easy way.... =)

    • alexM86 sa...
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    • 31 aug 2009, 02:07
    Right now I'm procrastinating finishing off voting on ourstage...

    I've been on this page five times before I actually wrote this...I said I would do it later and tah-da! here I am...

    Man i'm making real progress :)

    *decides to pat self on back...after this City and Colour song*

    Oh, Hello everyone, my name is alex and I am a easily distracted procrastinator.

    • xCaru sa...
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    • 12 sep 2009, 18:23
    Hi, I'm Caru, but you can call me José. Actually no, don't do that.

    • ALva17 sa...
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    • 15 sep 2009, 18:37
    Hi i'm Alejandra
    and i love my music and my compu

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 20 okt 2009, 19:22
    Hey guys, name is Al. I like music, drawing blah blah playing on my saxo blah blah im only 18 so i can say that im just starting the big life thingy :D I like fantasy, steampunk and some other things nobody cares about.

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