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A group for those who love tags as well collating the many uses of tags. Anyone is free to join as long as you're civil ;)

The tag is perhaps the most useful thing on, here I am hoping to collate every possible use of it. Any suggestions of good resources will be welcome. And remember tagging isn't supposed to be limited by Genres and if you don't believe me see this official blog entry

Tag Search
Multi tag search
Tag Browser ~by red-green-blue

Tag Radio Collections
The Special Interest Tag Radio Collective - collection of radios based on various themes.
The Radio Room
Genre-free tags!
Underground Full Tracks - Tag Radios featuring underground bands

Top 1000 tags(2009) ~by Egg21
Top 1000 tags(2010) ~by Egg21
Long tags - Top tags longer then 30 characters long(2009) ~by Egg21
Long tags - Top tags longer then 30 characters long(2010) ~by Egg21
Multi tag radio statistics ~by klbostee
Tag Encyclopedia ~by farangstar
Creating similar track tag radios Trends Tag of the week

Tag Groups
Subscribers and their tag radio stations
Track-Tag Bitches
Pure Track-Taggers
Vector Tagging - Related to tagging music with numerical vectors
Non-Subscribers and their tag radio stations
LFTU - Taggers Unite
Pandora Descriptors - related to tagging music according to Music Genome Project attributes as used by Pandora
Multi-tag radio stations
cooperative tagging
Tag Rescue Project Rescuing Personal tags and making them global

Tagging Apps
Tagbar -drag and drop interface for quick tagging and loving of tracks on your hard disk. ~by transcendentalA Playlist and Tag Manager -Greasemonkey script for batch tag and playlist operations from the website. info ~ by maarten_gm
The Mass Tagger - App for quick multi tagging and deleting.

Dynamic Tag Clouds Create a dynamic tag cloud based off the contents of your library ~by ivanhlyzov
Musical tag cloud Another way to create a tag cloud ~by aliekens

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