The Music Association Game

  • The Music Association Game

    Fun, fun game here. I see this game alot on other forums. This is what goes down. One person states a song for example:

    Slayer - Jesus Saves.

    The next person to post has to use one of the words from that song, not the artist, the song. Example:

    Bad Religion - Amercian Jesus

    The next person uses a words from that song and it just goes from there. General Rules: No song can be used twice in the thread, same word in the song cannot be repeated unless the song's name is one word. This is big on other forums, but you guys might not have fun with it. (bolding not neccessary) I'll get it started:

    Theory Of Deadman - Save The Best For Last

    You visit my site devoted to the world of the music

    Do you like the music? :) Join the club (or group in this case) :)
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  • Green Day - Last Of The American Girls

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    • 4 jul 2014, 04:16
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