What song got you into The Strokes?

  • Razorblade :)

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 28 apr 2010, 23:53

    Reptilia :))))

    I'd heard Reptilia from Guitar Hero and really loved his (Julian Casablancas's) voice.

    My favourite Strokes song has got to be 'You Only Live Once' << it is an actual eargasm. I can't wait for the upcoming 4th album!!!! :)))) Does anyone have an idea of when it will be out?? :/

  • I was hearing last nite and i said to myself "Fack!!! man, this guys are the best" and then i started to look for their albums and found "is this it" and it was like the best day of my life, but the song that really got me, is BARELY LEGAL

  • Last nite!!!

    Makes me drink just the same

  • faithless

    Makes me drink just the same

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 4 maj 2010, 13:02
    First it was You Only Live Once, but i just love Soma

  • Automatic Stop - i'd known about the strokes for a while and thought they were ok and after hearing this song i fell in love and had to hear more. now they are one of my favorite bands :]

    • mariel-c sa...
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    • 14 maj 2010, 17:08
    Automatic Stop

  • Definitely 12:51. But most of their songs are just pure awesome.

    Drop your guard, you don't have to be smart all of the time.
    • Stants7 sa...
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    • 7 jun 2010, 01:48
    12:51 ------ The chorus/riff thing might be the catchiest part to any song I know

    • natimdp sa...
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    • 7 jun 2010, 17:34
    Juicebox :)

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 8 jun 2010, 00:44
    Heart in a Cage =]

  • Trying Your Luck... although, Vision of Division is my favorite :)

  • Is This It

    -Love, Peace, Vegan
    • Naseko sa...
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    • 4 jul 2010, 15:38
    You Only Live Once

  • Is this it?

  • last nite

  • If I'm right, it was 2004 when I suddenly heard their "Trying Your Luck" on radio. It was so tender to listen to. I fallen in love with Julian's voice. Since that day I listen to The Strokes. Btw, in 2009 I opened for myself Julian's solo album and... To be honest, I love it a bit more than his works in group, 'cos it's full of keyboards. But the last one - "Angles" - returned my opinion to a right way. It's a BRILLIANT album.

  • someday

    and the fact that I heard his kinda boring voice at a very boring time

  • You Only Live Once.
    I had heard Someday and Last Nite and Reptilia and maybe a few others on the radio before but I had never given them a good listen.
    Then one day my older sister made me a mix cd and You Only Live Once was the opening track. I listened to it a million times with the rest of the songs on the cd and I hadn't really given it too much thought but then one day I thought "this song is really good" and I watched the music video and I was in love. I continued to buy the albums in order from there and now I'm a fully obsessed fangirl.

  • Last niteeee! Back in 200 a friend of mine told me to listen to the strokes, then i downloaded a random song. It got me hooked!

  • What ever happened - My sister's ex boyfriend made a CD for her and he putted this song on the cd and when I heard the song I thought it was great.

  • What ever happened - My sister's ex boyfriend made a CD for her and he putted this song on the cd and when I heard the song I thought it was great.

  • Juicebox and after Vision of Division

  • Reptilia :)

    My ex-girlfriend was bassist at a band when we were at high school.. they were practicing for an event and suddenly i hear a really incredible riff.. in that moment i fell in love.. with the song and with that fucking awesome group!
    my ex-girlfriend ummm.. i don't know were is she..

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