• Fools

    I have a question about the song fools. Who can tell me who it was that Peter sung this song with? If I remember correctly it was the lead singer of a band called propaganda, but I just can't seem to remember her name.

    Thanks, Jack

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    • PSolberg sa...
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    • 1 apr 2007, 12:17
    Does this help you in any way?

    • dubhead sa...
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    • 19 apr 2007, 13:59
    That's Pauline Murray of the classic punk band Penetration who went on to form Pauline Murray & the Invisible Girls a much more experimental outfit. But that Fools song is sweeet! The first Penetration album Moving Targets is amazing and includes a fantastic version of Free Money

  • I saw them at Manchester on Friday..

    They were awesome...they are playing wolverhampton on august 18th and john cooper clarke and penetration are supporting.x

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  • I created this group for fans of Pauline Murray and Penetration.

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