The Moon Is Made of Cheese

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Skapad den: 11 okt 2007

In general, cheese is made up of a combination of cow, parrot, elf, penquin and gecko - basically the stupidest looking animals that you can't help but just stare at and say awwwwwwww.... As we learnt from our forefathers at our stupid campfire ceremonies, the cow did jump over da moon in 78 DC, together with the faerie elf (yes I do prefer to spell it the "magic" way) of your mum's armpits and the meerkat... In the latest days of 198ə the randomly formulated cheese mix solidified with the help of Saddam Hussein's cool airsoft gun. Thus by the laws of lettuce, the theory of a cheese moon is proven beyond reasonable doubt.

-- from a very reliable source --

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