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    Redigerad av noddyvantinking den 3 jan 2012, 05:39
  • Talking of hobbies, how about your ultimate shag tape?

    WARNING! This post may contain humour, irony & sarcasm.

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    • slogsdon sa...
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    • 6 dec 2011, 04:15
    My idea for a December show is to tell the story of your year with songs.

    at least as an alternative to the inevitable "best of the year" theme

    • Jewce sa...
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    • 29 jan 2012, 09:41
    "Foreign Holiday" theme could be a fun one.

    A playlist of music from foreign places.

    Or a playlist you'd make for listening to on a distant vacation somewhere.

    Or any which way you might interpret.

    • yodel sa...
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    • 19 apr 2012, 15:26
    How about "10/15 songs that saved your life"?

  • that is awesome.

  • How about something like "Things I found in my attic", or "Music found at a garage sale"?

  • I like the less-concrete themes.

    So I suggest, "Does This Look Infected To You?"

    • Jewce sa...
    • Användare
    • 10 maj 2012, 07:33
    Music from the same decade?

    Songs that remind you of very specific moments.

    Political/protest/statement songs

  • It's a good theme, the statement songs one, but I dunno...I can't see anybody improving on what may be the single greatest mix ever shared in this group -- muzikizum's "Listen Up!" from March 2010. Links are doubtlessly dead, but you can still see the playlist:

    Man, that one was brilliant. (actually, looking back at it, that whole month was pretty boss)

  • Wow, high praise indeed Poppy, thanks.
    I've re-upped the links if anyone else is interested...

    WARNING! This post may contain humour, irony & sarcasm.

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    • yodel sa...
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    • 12 maj 2012, 09:48
    I'll love to listen to that mix of yrs muzikum, thanks for the re-up :)

    • unread_ sa...
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    • 17 maj 2012, 12:14
    That mix really does look amazing, muzikizum, thanks for re-uploading it!

    Ok, here’s my two cents worth of theme ideas. If these are obvious, or stupid, or have been mentioned previously, please ignore me.

    Drug addictions/alcoholism
    Cops and Robbers/Law and Order
    Sea Shanties
    History Class (songs that reference historical people or events)
    Fight Club/Bloodied Up (violence!)
    The F!Bomb (songs with lots of swearing, or maybe just one well-dropped F!bomb)
    Financial Crisis/Money matters
    Re-soundtrack your favorite movie or TV show, or make an ode to your favorite fictional character

  • "I have no idea what they're singing about"

    This could be songs in foreign languages or just songs with very strange lyrics that don't seem to make a lick of sense.

    Another simple suggestion: Sounds of summer

  • As I'm sitting at one of those inflatables bounce houses while the boy helps some schoolmate ring in his 7th year, it occurs to me a useful mix would be...

    ...Songs to drown out a bunch of screaming kids but so no one can tell.
    Or, songs to discretely drown out the noise.

    Also, BOUNCE, MUTHAFOOKERS! (sorry for the silly self-censoring, there are children about...)

  • How about the Frankenstein mix again? Previously of course, it was a theme for the (old) mixtape extra group, that was deleted by Roy ...

    • Jewce sa...
    • Användare
    • 4 nov 2012, 02:16
    Songs by artists before they became popular

  • Encyclopedia/dictionary of your music taste

    from A-M


    from N-Z


    from A-Z (although, 26 tracks is quite a lot for one mix tape)

    To make it a bit challenging, each artist's name or a song title (depends what you'll arrange in alphabet order) has to have a meaning as it would be taken from a real Encyclopedia/dictionary.

    A / Attrition - track name
    B / Blur - track name
    C / Cream - track name

    • yodel sa...
    • Användare
    • 19 jun 2013, 18:46
    I'm sure some of these were suggested before, nevertheless here are some ideas:

    » songs from around the world (at least from 6 different countries)
    » a specific music genre or subgenre/decade
    » songs from a label
    » dead musicians / no longer active bands
    » music for work (to help study/work)
    » movie songs
    » live music
    » lazy sunday mornings
    » new music in old styles(music from 2000 onwards that sounds like it could have been made between 1920 and 1990s)
    » music for missed friends, barbecues and turntables
    » music for bending light and stopping time (Sit down. Stop thinking for a while. Let it go. Now hear this music.)

    Songs about:
    . Sea/Ocean
    . Disappointments
    . Works of Art
    . Photos
    . Animals

  • Since July's options are out, here's some stuff for August --

    Take a famous person with an August birthday and spin off a theme inspired by, or in honor of, them...for example (but not limited to):
    Neil Armstrong, Napoleon, Mother Teresa, Caligula, Fidel Castro, Coco Chanel, Davy Crockett, Robert Crumb, Andy Warhol, Jerry Falwell, Amy Fisher, Mata Hari, Matthew Henson, Alfred Hitchcock, Doc Holiday, Ivan the Terrible, David Koresh, John Locke, H.P. Lovecraft, Keith Moon, Annie Oakley, Martha Stewart

  • Great suggestions!

    • Jewce sa...
    • Användare
    • 26 jun 2013, 23:38

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