The Imperical Metal Republics Of Tartarus

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Ledare: Squall6512 och IBrokeTheOath
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Skapad den: 22 jul 2011
This is a group dedicated towards myth and metal music. It spawned out of the idea for both. Seeing as though they share certain feelings among us, good or bad.

Fellow newcomers, it is a great honor and appreciation for joining, I, your emperor, will treat you with the utmost dignity and respect. But there are ground rules we need to set:
1. No trolls, keyboard samurais, or wannabe music elitists, and finally you have to have metal in your library or you aren't allowed in.
2. Post regularly here, there is a plague of inactivity throughout's groups. So post frequently. Inactive members are immediately kicked out.
3. Post on topic, though sometimes you can post randomly. I even allow joke topics as well.
4. Have a great time here...

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