• A new song and online store by VFSix

    13 jan 2014, 11:33 av vfsix

    In space of VFSix passed a symbolic 12 years cycle. Our musical project grew from three musicians to tens, have gone beyond the borders of Moscow and a light trip-hop style frame, and have got the name V.I.C Sound. We were engaged generally in writing music and getting it through to our listeners, who could download our tracks for free and got gift CD's at our concerts. Now we have a good experience of working with record companies, publishers, distributors. The main conclusion is: the most fair and transparent way is to do everything by ourselves, independently.
    Therefore we invite all our fans to our online store vicsound.ru, where you can listen and download tracks of all our projects. All new music will appear first of all here as well.
    Purchasing on the site vicsound.ru you can be sure that all money goes directly to authors and performers. And now a choice where to search and download our music is yours.
    Have a good listening!
    A new song http://vicsound.ru/product/princess-of-moon/
  • Næm - Sigurdór Guðmundsson

    7 jan 2014, 00:25 av Skonrokk

    Free, "pay what you like", digital download of the song: http://www.siggidori.bandcamp.com/track/n-m

    This is a song Sigurdór wrote back in 2005 called "Næm" (Naem, pronounced "Naim" ... or perhaps you could try to say "mine" backwards! :)

    Featured on Ian Shepherd's "Home Mastering Masterclass": http://www.bit.ly/HomeMasteringMasterClass

    Recorded in June 2011 and comped together from a few incomplete takes. All instruments in the same room. :)
    Live recording in a rehearsal room. No isolation.

    Mixed and mastered by Sigurdór Guðmundsson @ skonrokk Studios in October/November 2013.

    Drums: recorded with RØDE NT1-A 1 (overheads), Shure Beta 57A (bass drum) and Shure SM57 (snare).
    Tenor sax: RØDE K2.
    Electric bass: Demeter Tube Direct.
    Nord Electro (keys): direct.

    Drums recorded through the 4-710d preamp from Universal Audio. The rest went through Apogee Ensemble.

    George L. Claassen: drums
    Kolbeinn Tumi Haraldsson: keyboard
    Auðun Freyr Ingvarsson: saxophone
    Sigurdór Guðmundsson: composer, electric bass, audio engineering, recording, mixing, mastering.

    Mixed and mastered by Sigurdór Guðmundsson @ in October/November 2013.

    Photo credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/siggidori/2402048472/
  • A passionate plea

    30 jul 2012, 00:20 av musinum

    I am sending this out to all groups to which I belong. It is not about music, but it is about the world we all live in. It's aimed particularly at my American friends and co-members, but because of America's unique position in the world, it affects everyone and the kind of world we'll all be living in for a long time.

    Group leaders, it's up to you whether you treat this as spam, or post it. I try my best never to spam, but I feel so strongly about this that I'm willing to take the chance.

    I hope that as artists and appreciators of music and other arts, and as people who think and feel for themselves, the majority of us here can appreciate the historic importance of Barack Obama's election to the American Presidency, and the efforts he continues to make (against a very entrenched opposition who represent the interests of the rich and powerful) to make life more livable for the ordinary citizens of the United States and for the rest of the world as well.

    Perhaps some of us who cheered his election four years ago are disappointed that he has not been able to completely transform the world in the ways we had imagined, but as someone who has been involved in social causes for half a century, I can tell you that nothing comes quickly or easily. What is important is the fight and the day-to-day effort.

    I expect that a number of you see the world in exactly the opposite terms, and that an even larger number are not involved in politics and perhaps haen't given a lot of thought to the upsoming election. (I'm speaking primarily to the Americans among you here. Every country has its own issues and its own struggles, and there are brave and hard-working citizens in many countries fighting oppression that we Americans can scarcely imagine!) But what is at stake here is nothing less than the kind of country we will live in for many years to come.

    The message of the right is that if we take care of the rich and privileged, that the crumbs that fall from their table will eventually feed the rest of us. If that doesn't seem right to you, it may be because that particular social experiment was given an extensive trial thru the Reagan administration and thru Bush father and son. The result was disaster.

    What happened was exactly what you might expect when all the safeguards that were built into the system over the years to protect the rest of us from the abuses of money and power, and from greed and corruption, were systematically dismantled. The top tax rate is a small fraction of what it was fifty years ago, and we are being asked to lower it even further, at the price of cutting the services that most first-world countries take for granted: the social safety net, affordable health care, funds for education, care for the environment... the list goes on and on.

    The President has manged to get a good start at pulling this country back from the cliff it was about to fall over... but we are being asked to roll back all that progress and go back to the same things that got us in this mess in the first place. It is as if arsonists have set your house on fire, and then when the firemen are attempting to fight the flames with water, suggesting that we pour on gasoline instead!

    To those of my felliow Americans who feel as I do and want to help, I have set up a grassroots fundraising site with the ambitious goal of $5,000 for the Obama campaign. Any amount helps! My site is here:


    Thanks you,

    Tim Doyle
  • Three CD albums of VFSix in a one pack! Order now!

    18 dec 2011, 08:49 av vfsix

    Hello dear friends, fans and listeners!

    We continue to receive letters with questions where to buy our albums.
    All copies of vfsecret (2005) and VF's World (2007) are sold. So we plan to release an exclusive box set including these albums + a new one Paradise (2010). We will do it without "help" of label. And we can deliver it to every one from any country and city. You can order it now. See the full plan and incentives here https://www.sellaband.com/vfsix

    yours VFSix
  • Three CD albums of VFSix in a one pack! Order now!

    18 dec 2011, 08:50 av vfsix

    Hello dear friends, fans and listeners!

    We continue to receive letters with questions where to buy our albums.
    All copies of vfsecret (2005) and VF's World (2007) are sold. So we plan to release an exclusive box set including these albums + a new one Paradise (2010). We will do it without "help" of label. And we can deliver it to every one from any country and city. You can order it now. See the full plan and incentives here https://www.sellaband.com/vfsix

    yours VFSix
  • Dynamic Range Day 2011

    25 mar 2011, 12:30 av Skonrokk

    Here's a short little bass theme I wrote for (or inspired by) the event.

    Theme for Ian

    I highly recommend that you check out http://dynamicrangeday.co.uk/ to read more about the subject.

    If you care about music then you care about the dynamic range. Right? ;)

    Spread the word:

    Dynamic music sounds better !

    NO MORE Loudness War

    Join us on March 25th for the Competition and Award announcements


    Follow the discussion on Twitter:

  • VFSix on radio in London

    21 dec 2010, 18:07 av vfsix

    In Dec 22 Wednesday 8PM listen to radio show about VFSix on "Uk Jazz Radio" - LonDon. В русскоязычном варианте программу можно послушать через неделю в разделе Listen Again на сайте радиостанции http://www.ukjazzradio.com/
  • New music by Danish trumpet player and vocalist HC Erbs

    19 dec 2010, 20:59 av Skonrokk

    Hello friends and music lovers.

    l just wanted to recommend this album here: Don't Wear It Out by HC Erbs.

    HC Erbs played trumpet on the Menn Ársins (12 Steps to the Liquor Store & Allt að gerast.

    Don't Wear It Out is a great sounding album with melodic jazzy pop songs. Good songs and very well produced.

    Check it out and I hope you like :)
  • 12 Steps to the Liquor Store - wiki

    3 okt 2008, 21:16 av Skonrokk

    Listen to the song: 12 Steps to the Liquor Store


    "The origin of this song, 12 Steps to the Liquor Store, goes back to 2005 when bassist Sigurdór Guðmundsson was writing material for upcoming projects. At that time the song had a different melody and no lyrics (and was called "Calm Mouse", see also: Calm Mouse (live). That version of the song was for instance performed by the Icelandic/Danish group Amalgam in 2005.

    Fast forward 2 years and we have Menn Ársins preparing material for an upcoming album. Sigurdór throws this song into the suggestion pool and it gets a makeover from Haraldur Vignir, their keyboard player. New melody is written by him as well as the lyrics. The horn arrangement (originally inspired by one of Chris Speed's songs) is kept.

    The rest of the band was skeptical that the song was anything that fitted for them. Nevertheless the song was practiced briefly before the band went into Lundgaard Studios in Denmark (November 2007) to lay down the basic tracks for the album.

    When in Denmark, Sigurdór contacts his band mate from Amalgam, trumpet player Hans Christian Erbs (HC). HC comes to the studio and plays the trumpet parts and solos while the track is recorded.

    Icelandic lyrics where tried but didn't work well, so the English version was finished.

    On the last evening of their recording period in Lundgaard Studios the band gets a visit from three young danish jazz musicians (members of the Suntan Trio) that had just arrived to record at the other studio at Lundgaard. They ask if they can listen to some tracks. And while enjoying some fresh tracks and some Icelandic liquor they are asked by Menn Ársins to help with some background vocals and general party vibes on the track.

    When working on the overdubs, back home in Iceland, the band calls in tenor saxophonist Steinar Sigurðarson to play the rest of the horn arrangement and add some solos.

    Available on last.fm in late May 2008.
    Released for airplay in Iceland, late May / early June 2008.

    Haraldur Vignir Sveinbjörnsson - keyboards, vocals, composer, lyrics
    Sigurdór Guðmundsson - electric bass, composer, horn arrangement, background party choir and hand claps.
    Sváfnir Sigurðarson - electric guitar, background party choir and hand claps.
    Kjartan Guðnason - drums, percussion, background party choir and hand claps.

    Hans Christian Erbs (HC) - trumpet
    Steinar Sigurðarson - tenor saxophone

    Jazper Lindenhoff
    - background party choir
    Søren Østergaard - background party choir."
  • Massive Attack & VFSix about trip-hop on Style TV

    3 dec 2010, 14:18 av vfsix

    Massive Attack & VFSix about trip-hop on Style TV