Grunge Clothing

  • what kinda terrible question was that?

    Grunge is not about THE LOOK.if you wear something to be "grunge boy", then you aint no more than a poser teenager who has no self-esteem.

    Grunge is the soul, the attitude.... you cannot be "grunge", you just live it and feel every inch of it inside..

  • to my mind the very "grunge" word is about look. yeah, dirty, untidy, democratic, whatever

    but the music, which i even don't know to call... "soul" could be a proper word... because grunge seems to be one of the lyrically deepest genres. "grunge" can't be reffered to music, as each band is different...

    Ok, I went on wrong road in my thoughts...

  • grunge was not, is not & will never be about the fashion or looks.
    its about Music DOT PERIOD STOP THE END

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    • 19 nov 2010, 02:37
    I agree with most of the posts about grunge not being about the clothes and the looks. Well that's what Kurt thought. And I love him for it.

    But... there was some kind of grunge fashion in the 90's, if you look at the old AIC/Soundgarden/Mudhoney/etc pictures, there was something going on there, you cannot deny it, even if you agree with Kurt. So yeah, there is/was a grunge style, not that there should be.

    And actually, I fukken LOVE the grunge style. I'm a big fan of it. I've dressed grungey since before I knew about the style and the stuff beside the music. It just looks perfect!

    But still, I agree with Kurt. And, to me, grunge style is wearing whatever the fuck you like. And that inspires me hugely, it's the thing I follow and remember whenever I buy or see clothes I could buy.

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    • 20 apr 2011, 05:27

    I think this pretty much sums the look up.

    Pearl Jam

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    • 7 maj 2011, 17:58
    it's all about modern-media-hype-myths. even grunge by itself did never exist. fuck off!

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    • 8 maj 2011, 15:31
    I had wear a brand new khaki strauss ball pen a "exploited" T-Shirt form the garage market and Adidas superstar2. O.o

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    • 8 maj 2011, 17:07
    I had wear a brand new khaki strauss ball pen a "exploited" T-Shirt form the garage market and Adidas superstar2. O.o

  • anything he/she feels comfortable in, doesn't matter what it looks like

  • ha

    well, you should look at hype!
    it talks about the so called grunge fashion in a funny way...
    i wear a lot of things, but grunge is the attitude of not caring about stuff like clothes...
    i for instance like the old clothes that have a lot of memories...i have a 12 years old jacket :)

  • If you have to ask about fashion, just give up now. This 'grunge' label (I was born & raised in the Pacific Northwest) is a dirty word made up by corporate think tanks to sell merchandise to the trendy posers.

    ...git offah mah lawn!
    • mothcake sa...
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    • 1 aug 2011, 08:15
    I thought the whole thing was going against what is fashionable, hence wearing whatever the fuck you want or something?

  • Re:grunge clothing

    SaladaDeFruta sa:
    grunge isn't about CLOTHING, it's music and ATTITUDE.
    and sure it isn't about clothing yourselves like all the other people so said "grunge".

    fuck yes. if you really wanna be "grunge", don't care about how you look. not at all.

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