• DW Series 3

    Back on March 31st according to my sources, because the launch party was last night. Set your reminders!

    • U2Angel sa...
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    • 23 mar 2007, 07:10
    I won't get to see it until around October. We haven't even seen Torchwood yet. Stupid Australian TV stations!

    And now, a toast! To Bono: Role model, sex god, singer of some note and my favorite waste of time. Take it away, love!

    Dirty dirty girls love Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • Stupid indeed! It's gunna be so weird without Rose :(

  • Soooo, who watched it?

    Martha isn't as annoying as I thought she'd be, but still I want Rose back!

  • She may get annoying...she has an annoying face! I thought he was gonna lose the sonic screwdriver forever!

    That was the episode i saw being filmed. mostly the marching jadoon and screaming! lol

    Don't waste your time or time will waste you
  • sheselectric said:
    Martha isn't as annoying as I thought she'd be, but still I want Rose back!

    Aye, her hair annoys me ^_^

    I saw some kid in the Leicester Square Burger King yesterday with signed Billies photos! She's in a play with that guy from My Family and the BT ads - Kris Marshall and the theatre isn't far from there. Still, I envy the lucky little ba..

  • oh my GOD. how good does the next episode sound?! I just read about it in my radio times. seriously... how cool.

  • I retract my previous comment, Martha is annoying. I don't even know why, I just want her to shut up whenever she talks haha. And I still want Rose back D:

  • Yeah Sally Sparrow is so much better than Martha! CAPTAIN JACK (Sparrow, any relation? No?) BACK NEXT WEEK!

    We've waited so long...

  • Sally Sparrow was awesome! But even that adorable kid with the watch from Human Nature would be better than Martha. Thank god for Jack!

  • Woaaah woah this episode was amazing! But HORRIBLE! I hope he gets younger again (of course)

  • Same, I may just refuse to watch if David Tennant isn't on it anymore! Also, The Master should just permanently be on this show. His evilness is SOOO fun to watch.

    Redigerad av sheselectric den 1 jul 2007, 20:08
  • i know! John Simm (look I didn't call him Sam Tyler!) is an amazing Master and a really great rival to David Tennant. but totally agree about Tennant: grow young again at once!


  • Ooh and Jack as the Face of BOE! WOW!

    Redigerad av Buttercanes den 3 jul 2007, 00:32
  • Ironic that I start liking Martha when she decides to leave.

    I did a very Ten-like "WHAT?!" about Jack being the Face of Boe. Seriously, wtf! I bet Rusty wasn't planning that from the start.

  • lol i thought that was clever. and HA! martha is gone. titanic for the christmas episode though... hmm that could be cool.

  • Yeeaeh I'll be in the country to watch this one! I hope we see Jack/Boe again :(

  • But alas, Martha is coming back! And Donna is returning, woah. Never saw that one coming. I want Sally Sparrow dammit. *Has watched Blink too many times already*

  • lol blink scared the shit out of me. figuratively. why can't martha STAY THE FUCK AWAY?!

  • I miss it already :'(

  • me too. i had to watch harry potter 4 because of withdrawal. but then i watched casanova instead because there's more of DT in it haha.

  • Good idea!
    Martha and Donna are teaming up for half a series (sigh)
    So maybe when DT quits they'll bugger off...
    Martha's in 3 Torchwood eps too apparently, no doubt having sex with Owen, jack...

  • i never watched torchwood so i don't know who owen is... Jack? as in Captain Jack? isn't he gay?

  • C'mon, it's Jack! He's basically omnisexual, haha.

    Owen is the annoying and sarcastic one, whom I personally can't stand. I'm actually looking forward to Martha being on Torchwood, I prefer her on that than on Who permanently.

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