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    • 23 apr 2007, 07:46
    Gonna have to go with N and N..

    Besides one or two tracks on it, it has a more low key sound which I prefer.

  • I will have to wait untill June 5th when Metropolis is going to reisssue Nothing & Nowhere. Then I will have to order it.

  • yeah ill hafta agree with some other ppl. i prefer violet because of blue :D

  • I kind of like both albums equally. Somedays one a little more than the other. It depends on what I am in the mood to listening to.

  • Violet =)

    Lovers End, Blue

  • N&N =)

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  • Although they are very close, I'd go with Violet. I'm not really sure why I prefer it, but both are among my favourite albums ever.

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    • 10 mar 2009, 13:06

    • chemzed sa...
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    • 30 apr 2009, 23:59
    Well I heard Violet before N&N but I think I'll go with N&N as it has more songs that I grow attached to. Violet's still great though, they're almost equal to me and have both in my CD collection :D

  • I'll prefer N&N because it's my first TBM album

    Можете заткнуть мне рот, если хотите. Желательно шоколадом
    • SceneA6A sa...
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    • 29 maj 2011, 09:39
    It's difficult to choose. But maybe Violet

  • I prefer Violet

    • alin1 sa...
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    • 27 mar 2013, 23:28
    N&N vs. Violet?

    Definitely Violet.

    Not just it includes the 4 best songs from N&N re-recorded (Happy Birthday, Horror Show, Video Kid, The Dream), but the new songs are amazing too. Plus the production is superior. Also Chibi clearly improved as a singer.

  • Id have to say Violet, But N&N has under the stairs.. Both albums are my favorite by tbm.

  • N&N is the first (and still only) cd I've got from them and I found this work quite impressive. Everything is great and filled with the atmosphere which made me fall in love with TBM, I love every track from it, especially Over, Video Kid and To Die For. So I'll go with N&N.

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