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Skapad den: 22 mar 2009
For users who use auto-correct and are also tag nazis, and thus want to make an effort to make the corrections offered by auto-correct as correct as possible.

Let's strive together to make auto-correct perfect!

In this group everybody works together to spot missing corrections as well as mistakes in auto-correct, and vote for the correction of such.
This is especially useful for lesser known artists with too few listeners who care enough to vote.

Suggest songs and artists that are "corrected" wrongly or need correction, and the group will vote so that it can be fixed.

Check this thread for guidelines about making correct corrections. Seriously, it's got the answers for 80% of your questions, and is well worth the read!

Alphabetical list of necessary corrections for English-language music (Roman alphabet):
A-B-C D-E-F G-H-I J-K-L M-N-O P-Q-R-S T-U-V W-X-Y-Z + 0-9 & Special characters

Alphabetical List of Necessary Cyrillic Corrections
Alphabetical List of Necessary Japanese Corrections
Alphabetical List of Necessary Greek Corrections
(To quickly search for something in the lists, hit ctrl+F on your keyboard and type what you are looking for!)

If you have a complaint regarding wrong upper and/or lower case letters in a title/band name, this is not the place to go. will fix it for you if you report it here instead.

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