Alphabetical List of Necessary Corrections (Roman alphabet) - D-E-F

  • Alphabetical List of Necessary Corrections (Roman alphabet) - D-E-F

    This is the alphabetical list of necessary corrections for music in languages that use the Roman alphabet. It's split into 8 pieces so that we won't get a post that is several meters long. I'll be updating this continually as you report stuff.

    Artists are sorted by last name.


    Incorrect: My Own Summer
    Incorrect: My Own Summer (Shove It)
    Correct: My Own Summer (Shove It)

    Incorrect: Back to School
    Correct: Back to School (Mini Maggit)

    Incorrect: Change
    Correct: Change (In the House of Flies)

    Incorrect: U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, Select, Start
    Incorrect: U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, SELCT, START
    Incorrect: u,u,d,d,l,r,l,r,a,b,select,sta
    Correct: U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,A,B,Select,Start

    Incorrect: Engine No.9
    Incorrect: Engine Number 9
    Correct: Engine No. 9

    Incorrect: Head up
    Correct: Headup

    Incorrect: The Earth
    Correct: Hole in the Earth

    Mia Dyson:
    Dyson, Mia > Mia Dyson


    Eternal Decision:
    Hunger --> Hunger

    Missing (Album Version) --> Missing

    Jade Ewen:
    It's My Time --> My Time


    Bernard Fanning:
    Fanning, Bernard > Bernard Fanning

    Michelle Featherstone:
    Coffee & Cigarettes --> Coffee and Cigarettes

    Bob Fosse:
    #01 Prologue and Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries > Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries
    #05 Crunchy Granola > Crunchy Granola Suite
    #06 Dancin' Man > I Wanna Be a Dancin' Man
    #10 Silky Thoughts/Cool Hand Luke > Silky Thoughts / Cool Hand Luke (as yet unscrobbled)
    #13 Hot Honey Rag > The Hot Honey Rag
    #14 Take Off With Us > Take Off With Us - Pas De Deux
    #19 Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries - Reprise > Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries (Reprise)
    #20 Sing, Sing, Sing - Part 1 > Sing! Sing! Sing! Part 1
    #21 Sing Sing Sing - Part 2 > Sing! Sing! Sing! Part 2

  • Fixed ones (checked the whole list)

    1. Deftones: My Own Summer (Shove It)
    Engine No.9
    2. Jade Ewen - It's My Time

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    Janet - Jak Esim

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    everyone, kindly post your reports either in the "uncorrected" or "wrongly corrected" threads instead. these alphabetical master lists are for compiling reports only. thks.

    not you, the-miracle ;)

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