Favourite Australian Artists

  • Hilltop Hoods are my favourite!!

    But I've also been a biiig fan of Human Nature for the last 11 years =]

    "This music puts your life together when it's falling apart"

  • Something for Kate! By far my favourite.

    Silverchair - I don't mind the last two albums, but I absolutely adore the first three.
    Powderfinger is also a very enjoyable band.

    Being from Canada I don't know many Australian bands, but those three are pretty awesome.

    • burnmw sa...
    • Användare
    • 22 jan 2008, 12:48
    Too many to name, I'll have to go by genre
    Hip Hop: Urthboy-The Herd-Hilltop Hoods-Funkoars 4 way tie
    Rock: The Living End just over Regurgitator and AC/DC
    Indie: The Panics
    Roots: Xavier Rudd
    Electronica: The Scientists Of Modern Music

    If I had to pick one though, Urthboy.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 22 jan 2008, 13:37
    The Cat Empire

  • Silverchair - My favourite Aussie band, and favourite band altogether. Don't think I need to say much.
    The Presets - Damn great musicians and writers!
    AC/DC - Classic, what can I say?
    Paul Mac - Well....it's Paul! He's a sweetheart, and (sorta) knowing him just ups the level of his music for me.
    Eskimo Joe - Just discovered these guys...they were recommended by an Aussie bartender at a place since they were playing a couple days later, so I checked them out and completely fell in love with the music!

  • thats most of em i thing.... no particular order

    The Cat Empire
    The John Butler Trio
    The Living End
    Pete Murray
    Lano & Woodley
    Thirsty Merc
    End of Fashion
    The Beautiful Girls
    Richard Pleasance
    Bernard fanning
    Xavier rudd
    Colin hay
    Masters apprentice
    Daddy cool
    Eskimo joe
    Hunters and collecters
    John paul young
    Little birdy
    Something for kate

    (\ _/)
    This is Bunny. I've been told to copy and paste him into my signature to help him gain world domination. You should too, every evil geneous must start somewhere

    my imaginary friends say i should get out more =P
  • At the moment...

    British India
    Midnight Juggernauts
    Birds of Tokyo
    Wolf & Cub
    The Mess Hall

  • kate miller heidke! so, soooo good

    something for kate
    sarah blasko
    missy higgins

    and more i cant think of

    • gami27 sa...
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    • 11 jun 2008, 05:29
    Masters Apprentices
    Normie Rowe (solo & with the Playboys)
    Billy Thorpe (solo and all periods of the Aztecs)
    The Twilights
    The Loved Ones
    The Easybeats
    Brian Cadd (solo)
    Madder Lake
    Daddy Cool
    Johnny O' Keefe

    the list is never ending

    • olaby sa...
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    • 20 jun 2008, 20:05
    augie march
    the sleepy jackson
    the church

    • scivikk sa...
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    • 28 jun 2008, 09:49
    The Panda Band!!!!!!
    The cat Empire (if they were a guy and i was gay then i'd so be all over them)
    Eskimo Joe (the first album is so very awesome. i thought i'd tell you that because it is very important)
    Wolf & Cub

  • Australian Progressive Rock FTW

    Tamam Shud
    Jeff St. John & Copperwine
    The Zoot
    Daddy Cool

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 sep 2008, 11:22

    Aussie electro rules!!

    Pnau, Presets, Cut Copy, Empire of the sun, Midnight Juggernauts.. just cant get enough of these guys.. Shame they never come to Sweden to play... :o(

    Best live act ever tho: Saw Xavier Rudd this summer in Scotland. God on stage!

    • ConnyG sa...
    • Användare
    • 25 sep 2008, 10:16
    The Vines, the best thing since You Am I.
    You Am I, the best thing since The Church.
    The Church, the best thing since AC/DC.
    AC/DC, the best Australian band, originally...

    And some Nick Cave. Gotta love Mr Cave.

    Sup bitches
  • Nitocris
    Bertie Blackman
    The Dissociatives
    Decoder Ring
    The Presets

    So many....

    • moncai sa...
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    • 14 mar 2009, 04:06
    Josh Pyke, Katie Noonan, Sia, The Grates, Wolfmother, Something for Kate, Augie March, Butterfly Boucher, Xavier Rudd, and Pete Murray.

    Josh Pyke is pretty much my favorite thing right now. Memories & Dust was so good.

    Anything I've heard by Bob Evans is really good too, but I can't find his CD. Living in Canada makes getting Australian music tricky. Just a comment on something mentioned earlier, Xavier Rudd isn't American but is a dual citizen of both Canada and Australia. :)

  • umm..in no order
    Something For Kate
    Red Riders
    Angus and Julia Stone
    British India
    Eddy Current Suppression Ring
    Eskimo Joe
    Van She

    • onmyfeet sa...
    • Användare
    • 24 sep 2009, 16:45
    The Presets
    Midnight Juggernauts
    Cut Copy
    Empire of the Sun

    If only they would visit the Netherlands somewhere soon...

  • Cut Copy
    Grafton Primary
    The Presets
    Art Vs Science
    Grafton Primary
    Midnight Juggernauts

  • Gotye!! The triple J live gig is just amazing. Best thing I heard in a long time, even though it's a couple of years old now..

    Me also likey Grafton Primary, Empire of the sun, Xavier Rudd, The sleepy jackson, the presets, miami horror, the black ghosts, cut copy (although they are soooo hyped in sweden at the moment and constantly played on the radio.. so unfortunately gettin a bit sick of them..)..

  • Josh Pyke, Ben Lee, Xavier Rudd, Angus & Julia Stone, Cut Copy & Pete Murray.

  • no one mentioned Hard-Ons.

    that is all

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 15 jul 2012, 12:05
  • Ky;ie and Jason and the Bee Gees. Everything else is terrible

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