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Arctic Circle is an extended family of extremely talented individuals from around the world who all share the same musical vision. Its aim is to put on the best events, release the best music or...

Ever since their debut event at The Hayward Gallery in March 2006, the Arctic Circle have been driven by a mad passion to create concerts that are perfectly formed and memorable. They will move land and sea to bring talented musicians, composers and visual artists to London’s best venues, ensuring that each concert is a once in a lifetime event.

Although they feel most at home at London's Union Chapel, Arctic Circle produce, programme and promote events at many different venues encompassing a broad range of acts and genres. Over the last three years they have not only played host to established artists, but are always on the lookout for new talent and specialise in showcasing emerging acts on the brink of wider renown.

Not just a promoter you can also now catch up with Arctic Circle Radio at The Hut is a weekly show bringing you a whole manner of sonic delights, The Circle is an exclusive mix brought to you by a guest artist from the Arctic Circle family. In a further extension of the Arctic Circle's collective talents have come two 'Fuzzy Feeling' releases as well as the ambitious Explorers Club series in conjunction with Loaf Recordings.

The Arctic Circle showers its audiences with the world's finest musicians and bands in a unique, strictly penguin friendly environment that seeks to upend the traditional, the formal and the pretentious.

The Arctic Circle

If you've stumbled across this group, feel free to join. Do try the radio. :)

Get further Arctic Circle news, tunes, and views at the following...
Arctic Circle Facebook Group
Arctic Circle Radio @ itunes


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