• Look. Pause. Bang.

    6 dec 2005, 00:50 av cvnt

    The date: November 8th, 2005. Intersection of Chestnut Ave and 6th St. Persons involved: 21-year-old male, 16-year-old female. Kaboom. Car accident. Or car purpose? Yes. Maybe. Car stupid-ignorant-bad choice? More appropriate.

    Just after I finished work on Tuesday the 8th, I started me 20 minute drive to my house one city away. I make a right out of the parking lot, a left on Chestnut Ave. I brake for a maroon car that turns too late in front of me nearing the 6th St intersection. I continue forward. A white car now enters my path and guns the accelerator. Boom! I look around, white smoke. "Fire," I think to myself as I reach for the door handle. I stumble across the street and lay in the grass. I look up and ironically, a church towars above me. My arm hurts. I lift my head up. My car is still trying to run. Ugh. Everything hurts. I'm paralized?! I wiggle my toes. Whew, I'm not paralized. People are shouting for the cops, the ambulance, someone call 911! The cops show up along with the whole gang. I go to the hospital and get x-rayed. Radiation anyone? I'll take some! 5 times! Yes! My mother shows up, hugs. It hurts to be hugged don't touch me, please. Head concusion, damn. Bones are fine, good. Go home they say. I go home for a day. Go back for another x-ray, go back to demand pain pills. Guess what - I got pain pills. Few days later I start Pysical Therapy. Good deal. Talk to a lawyer about money. Nearly a month later I get to start work again. My muscles got torn and strained in my neck, back, and shoulders. Tennis elbow in both elbows. Aids in my left ear, no, that's wrong. No Aids. Now I have to wake up at 5 am to go to work at 6. I'm now used to my old schedule of bedtime at 3 am, wakeup at 2 pm. I'm gonna miss you old pal. We'll see how work goes. I'm wishing that I don't strain any more muscles while there. That's all for now.

  • This is bad...

    7 okt 2005, 10:23 av db0

    Yesterday I read this article and I am concerned.

    First, i have to ask why the fuck is everyone so uptight these days? I keep seeing copyright infringements left and right for the slightest provocation. What? Are the artist concerned they're going to lose money if someone posts their damn lyrics? Should we have to search at 100 different places for the 100 different artist we listen to find lyrics through badly designed or amateurish sites crap-filled with flash content and images of the band? What's next? A password with every CD in order to certify our ownership for access to lyrics?

    Problem is of course that those artists most probably couldn't care less if their lyrics found their way into the hands but the publishers are more than happy to strangle anything not going their own way.

    Fuckin' predictable...

    Those assholes didn't even bother to send a Cease and Desist note to the admins they sued, they just went immediately to the court.

    I don't know what happens now. I've forwarded this article to the owners of KiwiLyrics and they'll look into it but there is a chance the site will be closed down and I wouldn't blame the guys either. 20.000 is a LOT to pay for doing something for free and possibly at cost to you on your free time.