Play an instrument, anyone?

    • kitefish sa...
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    • 1 okt 2006, 12:23

    Play an instrument, anyone?

    Just wondered, who amongst us emo-disliking elite is also a musician? Maybe we could start up some crazy globe-encompassing supergroup, where we all each record one bar and then paste them all together to form a beautiful, inspiring masterwork with influences from a kaleidoscope of genres. Or, maybe not.

    I am a flautist, an ex-pianist and a melodica-ist, if that is a word. Which it plainly isn't.

    How about you?

    Also, links to any bands you play in, or have played in, would be nice. Especially if it's really old and awful and embarassing :)

  • I play the drums mainly, struggling with guitar/bass/keyboard. Write a bit, all shit though.

    I'd link to this band I was in in 8th grade, but I can't find the link/don't feel like looking for it. I think it might be on a thread about If there's drums up on it, it's not me playing cause I only did very crude recordings with them that weren't used. It was this Linkin Park influenced thing, mind you I wasn't the LP influenced one, it was the lead singer. Now it's emo or something and called SaFire Lace, as opposed to Negative Zero. Yeah, bad names, I had no say.

    I have bad luck with bands. I'm dying for one now, but I can't ever find the right people. I've been in about a million, and only the shittist one was ever remotely active.

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  • I can sing really well (according to state standards.. which I guess are based on national standards.. which could mean absolutely nothing)

    I can also write decent lyrics, but I'm not very good at reading or writing actual music. (yet!)

    I'm only seriously starting to sight-read notes my sophomore year.


  • I have been through a traumatic series of failures regarding instruments. First I played the violin. It sounded like a screeching cat. Then I played the viola, which sounded like a screeching cat, only somewhat lower. Then I tried the flute, which I was unable to screech on since I couldn't hit any high notes. I was a lot better at the piano, and took it for about three years, but eventually gave it up because I was too lazy to commit.

    Basically, I sing (in choruses, not musicals, because a.) I can't act and b.) 99.9% of musicals are shit.) I've been making up songs since I was five, and I did make up a few piano pieces when I was still playing, but I have no idea how to write music, so even if I were any good at it that wouldn't matter.

    • Uberyam sa...
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    • 1 okt 2006, 17:40
    I play a bunch of things. I'm a classicaly-trained pianist and violinist; I play saxophone, flute, clarinet, and I can mess around with an oboe if you gave me one. I'm also good on the guitar.

    I play keyboard and rhythm guitar in a little garage band caled The Green Sleeves. Unfortunately, we don't have a website or anything.

    I can compose stuff, too--I went through three years of theory class during summers.

  • I play the piano in a manner best described as mediocre, but my preferred instrument is the guitar. I play mainly classical, but also mess around with a little jazz, blues and funk improvisation, along with whatever else might take my fancy. My '84 USA Strat is a beautiful thing, whatever the Fender naysayers might tell you.

    • -Ay- sa...
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    • 1 okt 2006, 19:50
    I play trumpet in my high school's marching band, and I'm pretty good. I got an offer to be in a ska band, but unfortunately the guy couldn't get what he needed together to get it done so it didn't pan out. I'd love to get an opportunity to play in a band though, but playing trumpet doesn't give me a lot of choices for something more contemporary.

  • I play saw, predominantly. I started playing pretty recently, but it's a pretty easy instrument to learn. I also play some (as in very little) guitar. I've peen practicing that more though.
    I'm very interested in learning drums and mandolin, drums because I've always wanted to, mandolin because mandolins are really cool.

    I'm theoretically in a band, although we haven't really done anything. It's supposed to be a synth pop band, but my friends think that synth pop means that the only instruments we have are synths. We still need a drummer and a bassist, and preferably a bunch of weird orchestra type instrument players.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 1 okt 2006, 21:01
    I'm a pianist. Have been for more than half my life. I'm at a pretty advanced level (I'm considered at the "advanced/difficult" level in piano contests) although I don't practice as much as I should due to school and other crap.

    I would LOVE to play keyboards and sing in a band, but I never have time for that, either. As for my singing, I think I have a pretty good singing voice, but I only took voice lessons for a very brief time in middle school. I'm an alto, which definitely has its ups and downs—I can sing in the same key as a lot of guy singers, like Jeff Mangum, but on the downside, I have to switch keys halfway through the national anthem. My voice is definitely more suited for rock singing than show tune-ish singing.

    • Gemeos sa...
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    • 1 okt 2006, 22:46
    We play the guitar both of us. We can do some folk stuff and blues but also grunge. I also can play a litle drums and i compose guitar songs. Im saving money tobuy an electric tar but in portugal they are so expensive> _>

  • I play Bass Guitar. I'v been playing since last novemeber and I don't use a plectrum.

    If somebody got me a Rickenbacker 4003 I would be very very very happy :)

    I don't play in a band as I don't feel I'm good enough for it yet.

  • Bass players (and singers) are always the hardest to find. Spit in the air and it'll land on a guitarist or a drummer. You could probably find a group pretty quick when you're ready.

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  • I've been playing guitar for a while now, I can't say I'm the next Jeff Beck, but I've tried to learn as many styles as possible. So while I may not be flashy, I've learned that its better to develop your own style then try to emulate the big guys. I'd love to be in a band, but only a few of my friends play insturments, and the ones that do only play in the orchestra or band. Still I'm keeping my eyes open, becuase I'd love to start up a band.

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  • I play piano and sing. Fairly well, I think. And I've been writing some music.

    • nyaman sa...
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    • 2 okt 2006, 13:31
    I am a singer, but I focus more on musicals than rock songs. I can't really compose and my classical singing is slightly below par (for singers, of course) I am a good actor.

  • LondonIndieKid said:
    I don't use a plectrum.


    I loathe plectra; one has so much more freedom when finger-picking.

  • I played cello for a little while.
    I fiddle around with guitar and piano.
    Mostly I just sing.
    I couldn't tell you how good I am at that...

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 4 okt 2006, 22:40
    Self-taught at piano/keyboard/synth and crap at guitar. Apparently my main forté is singing, but my voice is very deep (bass-baritone) and sometimes unruly. I do a pretty decent Bryan Ferry tho.

    By the way, if someone has piano sheets for "Strictly Confidential" or organ sheets for "In Every Dream Home A Heartache" (both Roxy Music), please PM me.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 5 okt 2006, 02:41
    I don't know, but Roxy Music frigging rules.

    • pucchon sa...
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    • 5 okt 2006, 12:58
    I play classic and eletric guitar

  • I play guitar, synths and drums, but I am absolutely useless at drumming. The electrics have gone weird on my Telecaster, so I am going to buy a new guitar. I think a Gibson Les Paul sounds good, but it would be very expensive!

    I wouldn't mind starting a band, but I don't know anybody else who plays instruments and likes similar music to me. I know about 20 or more other guitarists, but I hate all of them! They're all emo kids!

  • It's my goal this year to write a pop song with a bunch of jazz chords. Why stick to A, E and D when I have Gsus7 and C#m9? Weird chords sound way too awesome.
    But yeah, I envy people who play drums, or even people with enough room in their house to have a drum set. If I had space in my room, I would definitely learn drums because they are awesome. Especially if you can do all the reall crazy off rythm kind of stuff. Like Greg Saunier, the Deerhoof drummer. That guy kicks ass.

    • kitefish sa...
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    • 5 okt 2006, 16:11
    I agree, I think playing the drums would be AMAZING. One day I will have a house which is big enough, with walls that are not practically made-out of cardboard, and then I will get a kit.

    If that doesn't happen, I want to learn the cello. Or a double bass, if I could lift it on my own. Which seems doubtful.

  • Oh shit yeah, double bass would rock. Nothing sounds more badass than a bass being bowed. Actually, bows make lots of things sound really cool. Plugging my guitar in and bowing chords sounds so fricking sweet. Too bad I can't play any chords that have straings that aren't played. Or rather, I can, it just sounds weird.

  • I play classical and electric guitar, as well as trombone. I have a band in which I am sometimes forced to sing at practices. It doesn't sound very good when I sing. I gave up on learning to play good electric guitar a long time ago, it took up too much time and I usually prefer to just bash out chords anyway.

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