• [Deejay Stix] 16 July 2010 @ Son of Antichrist (Hobgoblin, nee The Dev', London) -…

    20 jul 2010, 16:34 av IanAR

    16 July 2010: Son of Antichrist w/ DJs Stix, Luna X & Cavey Nik @ Hobgoblin (London)
    On Friday night, I had the pleasure of seeing Deejay Stix (of Electric Dreams) DJ, at the latest Club AntiChrist event. Here's what he played - with added YouTubes (where I found a good one).

    1. Scraping Foetus off the Wheel's Anything (Viva!) Anything (Viva!)
    2. Leæther Strip's Baby Doll
    3. Killing Joke's Exorcism (live in King's Chamber Cairo August 1995 mix) (edit) Exorcism
    4. Front 242's Tragedy For You
    5. NITZER EBB's Fun to Be Had
    6. COVENANT's Dead Stars Dead Stars (version)
    7. Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus
    8. The Cure's A Forest
    9. FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM's Preacher Man
    10. The Sisters of Mercy's Dominion
    11. JOY DIVISION's She's Lost Control
    12. Siouxsie and the Banshees's Arabian Knights
    13. BAUHAUS's Dark Entries
    14. IGGY POP's Night Clubbing Night Clubbing (live concert 1977)
    15. Public Image Ltd.'s Public Image
    16. THE DAMNED's Love Song
    17. DEAD KENNEDYS's Holiday in Cambodia
    18. GARY NUMAN's Down in the Park Down In The Park (20th Century Version)
    19. VISAGE's Fade to Grey
    20. DEPECHE MODE's Enjoy the Silence
    21. FRONT 242's Headhunter
    22. Nine Inch Nails's Terrible Lie Terrible Lie (Live)
    23. Rammstein's Das Model
    24. Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams(are made of this)
    25. ORGY's Blue Monday
    26. MINISTRY's N.W.O.
    27. The Sisters of Mercy's This Corrosion
    28. THE CURE's Fascination Street
    29. Killing Joke's Love Like Blood
    30. NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS's Red Right Hand
    32. Echo & The Bunnymen's The Killing Moon
    33. Rosetta Stone's Adrenaline
    34. NINE INCH NAILS's Wish
    35. AND ONE's Deutschmaschine
    36. THE CREATURES's 2nd Floor
    37. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft's Der Mussolini
    38. P.A.L.'s Gelöbnis
    Any suggestions for improvements or additions are welcome - pls, comment below.
  • [Gil Scott-Heron] 14 July 2010 @ Somerset Hs (London) w/ Mayer Hawthorne - Part…

    16 jul 2010, 13:02 av IanAR

    14 July 2010: Gil Scott-Heron & Mayer Hawthorne @ Somerset House (London)

    I understand, from CaroleHarvey who saw Gil Scott-Heron & Mayer Hawthorne this week, that some of the songs played were as follows (w/ KantaJo1 (YouTube)'s videos interspersed):

    1. The Bottle
    2. Winter in America
    3. We Almost Lost Detroit
      Some chat on the origins of jazz

    4. Better Days Ahead
    5. Pieces of a Man

    Any updates in the set-list, Mayer Hawthorne's set or YouTubes available - most welcome! (Pls, comment.)

  • Oscillations Launch Party in London

    30 apr 2010, 12:08 av jeej

    Oscillations Launch Party in London

    To celebrate the recent release and phenomenal success of Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations Part 1 & 2, I’m pleased to announce that there will be an Oscillations launch party in London on Saturday 15th May. Presented by Bridging The Gap and Man Make Music, the party will be at The City Arts & Music Project near Old Street (EC1Y 2BJ). DJing on the night will be Oscillations artists; Slugabed, Om Unit, Kidkanevil and Mr Beatnick, as well as Bridging The Gap and Man Make Music residents; Count Chocula, Toot Sweet, The Fat C, Another Amit and Sketchy. Oh, and did I mention that entry is absolutely free?!

    Things will kick off at 9pm and go on until 4am. Each person in attendance will get the opportunity to put their mitts on a limited edition Oscillations mix CD, mixed by Mr Beatnick. There are only 500 of these in existence and each one is hand numbered. Plus, in even more limited numbers, there’ll be A2 size collectable posters of the flyer artwork available to grab – as designed by the talented Ross Gunter. So, whether you end up leaving with good music in your head, a CD in your bag, a poster in your hand, or all of the above, it promises to be an amazing night!


    Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations Part 1

    Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations Part 2

    Jus Like Music Records

  • FREE: BUG – Cosmic Lab / 20 Winks

    22 feb 2010, 17:26 av jeej

    The debut single from London’s BUG, which is called Cosmic Lab b/w 20 Winks, drops for free today on Jus Like Music Records. I’m gonna sound a bit biased because this is our release (the name of that record label’s not just a coincidence!), but we’ve always maintained extremely high standards here at Jus Like Music. So, if we’re feeling something enough to actually put it out, then it’s got to be a bit special, right?!

    BUG, is a keyboard player, songwriter and producer. Under the moniker, BUG, he creates an experimental, instrumentally grounded style of music with a compositional approach. The BUG sound encompasses the finer elements of hip-hop and neo-soul, yet the real beauty is in the delivery. Think the smooth richness of the DâM-FunK vibe, the solid construction of a J Dilla beat, the electronic wizardry of Flying Lotus and the soulful melodies of Lonnie Liston Smith’s jazz.

    You can download the single for FREE at the BUG site.

  • [Spook] Last.FM Bunnies & Other Animals

    30 apr 2010, 20:54 av IanAR

    Following Fly Things Come In Threes? - Another in my occasional series of articles about spooky goings-on, on my profile.

    Here's a screen-cap' of my three month's top eight artists, today ...

    Notice anything odd? There're a few strange coincidences about this line-up. Here's a key image, to illustrate ...

    Chaps grouped in the centre & ladies on the flanks. Julieta Venegas is about to be pounced on, by a bunny. Whilst Shara Worden is holding a bunny. Simian Mobile Disco bring a monkey (class of 'higher primates', to be precise), in their name. Run Toto Run are named after a cute li'll' running doggie. The Stranglers are riding a dragon. Then We Are Wolves and ... It's the Wolf! It's the Wolf!

    What's the role of Imogen Heap & Massive Attack?

    My Current Fav'e Releases / Tracks From These Artists

    Julieta Venegas Otra Cosa / Amores Platónicos (other plays)
    Simian Mobile Disco Cruel Intentions / Cruel Intentions (Greg Wilson re-edit) (other plays)

    Massive Attack Heligoland / Babel (other plays)
    Shara Worden The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton / Cocodrillo (other plays)

    Run Toto Run Plastic Gold EP / Hater (other plays)
    The Stranglers BBC In Concert (23rd April 1977) / Sometimes (BBC In Concert 23/04/77) (other plays)

    We Are Wolves Invisible Violence / Paloma (other plays)
    Imogen Heap Ellipse / Wait It Out (other plays)

    What's the message in these tea leaves? I think this calls for an expert in Chinese astrology, or some-such! :/ %)

  • [My Gang] Morrissey - I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris : Reco of the Week 30 Dec 08

    30 dec 2008, 22:13 av Babs_05

    Artist: Morrissey
    Track: I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris (09 Feb 09)
    Album: Years of Refusal, Decca/Polydor (16 Feb 09)
    Tags: , , , ,
    Video: Click the pic...

    YouTube (slideshow)

    Just got back from Manchester myself. I wonder what Morrissey would make of it now? Does he like the Trafford Centre or is he like me, Arndale Centre every time? Is he fooled by Selfridges? Modelled on Longsight Market if I'm not mistaken. Has he bothered with Harvey Nicks or glitzy shiny Salford Quays or is he still a bit Affleck's Palace and the posh bit underneath the Royal Exchange (the epitome of chic)? After the bombings, Manchester was rebuilt, like the Six Million Dollar Man, with new bits tacked on to the old bits. Turn a corner and walk into another century.

    Only stone and steel accept my love. Salford Quays 2008

    I really like this new(ish) song. He has been parading it for a while. Good news is, it will appear on the new album, Years of Refusal, due in the new year, and will be released as a single the week before, with two new songs, Because Of My Poor Education and Shame Is The Name, the latter featuring additional vocals by Chrissie Hynde. Something to look forward to! I want to tell you about how 2008 was for me, but I can't break my own rules about swearing in print (because that would hypocritical, obviously). Let's just say I hope 2009 is better and I am glad to have things to look forward to already.

    The baby pictured with Morrissey on the cover of Years of Refusal is Sebastien Pesel-Browne, who is the son of Charlie Browne, who has been Morrissey's Assistant Tour Manager for many years. Sebastien's mother (Susan) met Charlie at a Morrissey concert in Boston.

    I have never understood why people find Morrissey's lyrics depressing. For me, it's the total opposite - I feel uplifted, cheered, they make me smile and occasionally crack me up, I love the contrast of intelligent lyrics with happy jolly music. The only other people I would put on a level with Morrissey are Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen, but the latter only at a push, because he does wallow sometimes. Morrissey doesn't do that. Morrissey goes for contrasts and clever juxtapositions, he doesn't do navel-gazing, he doesn't try to psychoanalyse, he does observations and takes the piss. I suppose maybe you have to share his sense of humour to get it. Or maybe you have to be a Mancunian yourself. Maybe it's local music for local people. Or maybe he's just too brainy for some.

    We go into the new year this week. The bookies are offering 100/1 the Thames will freeze over, it's so cold. Of course, up North, people are so hard, they've still got their windows open.

    Happy New Year!

    Babs My Gang

    Reco of the Week archives

    Fifteen minutes with you / I wouldn't say no

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  • Internet Radio, Streaming, Playlists and Auditory Ads

    21 dec 2008, 18:15 av Babs_05

    It is well known advertising on the internet doesn't work. We don't need supporting graphs or Nielsen studies to know that. We know from using it. We might glance over an ad on a page in the same way we might notice leaves on the ground. Detritus, nothing more.

    Advertisers are in despair. Not being normal human beings, they have no idea how to reach us in a way that will work. So the latest thing they're considering are auditory ads, i.e. advertisements that will interrupt your listening pleasure.

    Spotify already uses them. For the moment, they are restricted to one ad per album or thereabouts. There is just the one advertisement at a time, with no background music or too much extra noise, just the announcement of the product.

    At first, I was freaked out. Having been a sole user of for just over three years, I am used to listening to what I want, when I want, uninterrupted. A freaky disembodied voice with no background music telling me about some product came as a shock.

    But now, a few weeks down the line, I'm used to them. The one ad I've heard in the last hour didn't freak me out so much. I feel it won't be long before I tune it out. After all, it's not like I didn't grow up listening to commercial radio. What? They think I was born yesterday?? I see.

    As products of the 20th/21st centuries, we are sophisticated enough to be immune to advertising. The harder they try, the less we notice. It could be that maybe they should revert to old-fashioned advertising pre-1950s - "Buy X! You won't regret it!" (hold product aloft, point, cheesy grin) - and leave it at that.

    As consumers, our lives are littered. We are so used to multi-tasking and successfully dividing our attention, it is rare for us to focus on just the one thing. For example right now, my mobile phone is on and ready, I am logged in for emails, I am listening to music, my television is on as I am recording something to DVD, and I'm looking at the Sunday papers. How much of my attention is going to be solely focused on an advert for something I am not interested in?

    And there's the rub. If I'm not interested, I am not going to look. If I am, I will go searching. And when I do, I will never, ever, click on a Google sponsored ad. You don't do that. Scroll down and click a normal one. The internet was always meant to be ours, but we spend less time on older media forms and advertisers would monetise fresh air if they could. They're trying to monetise where we are. Internet businesses need advertising money if they are to provide 'free' services. What used to be ours comes with a pricelist now.

    Should auditory ads become the next big thing, we will have nothing more than commercial radio on our hands. So there will be a need for two things: ad-free listening, and another internet. They're ruining this one!

    Don't know what the chances of another internet are. Actually, I might be on to something. Apparently, the internet does have a shelf life. At some point, the very things that make up the internet will run out. There will be no more room for expansion. So we'll have to have a new one. Someone start it now. I'll join.

    Babs My Gang

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  • Listen first. Decide later.

    24 nov 2008, 20:09 av Babs_05

    I keep seeing articles such as this one which describe all the reasons why music promotion is firmly web-based now, but they all fall short of the one big one: we want to try before we buy.

    The best places are MySpace and In that order for the simple reason most bands have heard of the former and that's where they think all the kids are. In the last 12 months, has gained ground and is looking to be on a level, and after today's lovely review on Channel 5's The Gadget Show, where was rated as equal to iTunes for ease of use, we can expect awareness to increase dramatically. Sigur Ros, Coldplay, Radiohead, Ladytron and many others all premiered their new releases here in In the last week or so, Guns 'N' Roses announced their new release was in MySpace but they were here as well. Kanye West hasn't given us his new album in full yet but has his new EP and single.

    Guns N' Roses missed the point when they went after that blogger. It's not about whether we can nab mp3s for free from the bazillion blogs on the web. More often than not, all we want to do is listen. As it turned out, the naughty blogger did G N'R a favour and brought them publicity. More attention. Isn't that the point?

    Basically, the big names are muscling in on an area broken by the unknowns. It took the successes of Lily Allen and The Arctic Monkeys for the music industry to realise their old business models were no longer relevant. I notice here in, for example, when I see people listening to someone, it makes me want to listen to them too. It doesn't matter if that listener is a friend or not. It's just seeing the artist's name. Next thing, I can't stop thinking about them. If I haven't clicked on the name and started listening already. It really is as simple as that. Curiosity. It's a phenomenon that doesn't happen anywhere else in the mass media.

    I'm listening to the new Kanye West, 808s & Heartbreak, on Spotify. I gritted my teeth during the adverts but I can scrobble from Spotify and I can't from MySpace. (Wish someone would build me a widget to help me do that. Pretty please.)

    As far as I can make out, it's only the music industry that insists on selling their products without transparency. That is to say, they want us to buy on blind faith. Of course we can return purchases if we're not happy, but who has managed to do that without being tutted at? It's embarrassing. And how do you return a download? The options are either to hold on to said purchases or list on eBay. Either way, it's a bad job all round.

    The fear might be that once we've listened, we may lose interest, however, I don't think that's such a well-founded fear. Well, maybe for some! By and large, if bands have won our love and loyalty, they have it. We grow old with them. They become part of our lives, reminding us of times and places. It's emotional, not rational. If we become completists for our favourites, we will have our pre-orders ready. There's certainly music we only love for a time then grow out of. We may or may not purchase those releases.

    I find that by listening first, and allowing myself time to get past the initial euphoria, I get a clearer idea if I want to add to my music library or not. It's an issue because space is limited, not to mention the fact we're in the middle of a recession. Also, the pressure to buy every single album release is unreasonable. Back in the day, most of us only ever bought a handful of albums a year. They were simply too expensive. Relatively speaking, the price has come down, but there is also much more choice than there used to be, and the pressure to buy is relentless. Maybe Elton John can afford to clear out a record shop but the rest of us can't.

    As things stand, that's not what the music industry should be worried about. The thing to worry about is getting our attention. That's the precious commodity they're still taking for granted but actually, is the one thing that is increasingly in limited supply. More and more people have less and less time. Help us to help you and keep uploading your wares where we can hear them. In full.

    Babs My Gang

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  • I can't believe it's not beta...!

    6 jul 2008, 17:25 av Babs_05

    Hee hee! I was dying to use that as a title! Sorry,, no offence, I just couldn't resist. :D

    We're having a funny old time in Beta. I've found myself embroiled in some heated arguments getting to the bottom of things, I hope it was all worth it.

    If you've seen the beta site and it all looks weird or nonsensical to you, hopefully, this will help.

    First and foremost, it's essential everyone sees this:

    ...what we've been working on is a fresh start, a new foundation for a that can hold all our ideas and yours. If things look a little bare or basic in places, that's why ;-) we need your feedback before we build up the rest of the site and put on finishing touches.
    From: Read Me First

    What that means is the beta site is more or less a template. It's like they cleared out a city and just put the landmarks in. It's up to us how we put everything back. Basically, we can have whatever we want. We have already seen things moved around based on our request. Nothing seems to be written in stone and everything seems to be in flux.

    The way it works is this: users give feedback either via the feedback link on the top left of every beta page or in the beta group. Staff regularly read everyone's posts then go back and discuss, and possibly implement. From time to time, they pop in to say thank you and ask us to keep it coming. They don't engage in any discussion.


    1: we can have whatever we want

    Within reason, although quite what the parameters are is unclear. Can we redesign the template? What's the final vision? What are we aiming for? Secrets aren't helping here. There will be a new and revised Reply Tracker, but quite what we don't know, for example. It's hard for us to get excited and start dreaming up ideas if they're going clash with these secret surprises have planned for us.

    2: we've reached the end of the line with the live site is positioning itself as THE music site on the internet. More and more search engines are pointing to it, from the BBC to Pirate Bay. In the future, with mobile computing picking up, there will be even greater interest. is the only site that has everything in one place. It's a one-stop-shop. It does need to move from something that grew organically to something more sophisticated.

    The live site, much as we love it, isn't very stable. The new site aims to be more stable, better organised with room to grow. None of our ideas will be future-proof and I don't doubt the site will be upgraded yet again in about 18 months' time (as usual!).

    3: the same page

    What do we know?

    * there will be a new site
    * it's beta but not as we know it
    * ARE responding to feedback
    * it will be a while before the beta goes live, we have literally only just started
    * we are invited to shape our beloved anyway we want. All we need do is ask.

    I like keeping up with who's doing what in the business world. I have never heard of an instance where a company took this approach with their customer base. Usually, we get what we're given. A lot of people have looked at the beta and assumed that's what we're getting. Their knee-jerk reactions are understandable given there's no precedence to go on. have invited us to help without actually telling us that was what they were doing. This has led to some people feeling disheartened or frustrated. Fair enough, really. We should all be extremely excited but instead, we're all a bit confused.

    I've made a start with a little brainstorming. I just want to capture my ideas here in my journal. They're more for me than they are for you, sorry, but feel free to go see, add your penny's worth, whatever. (Please write beta-related comments in the Beta group. I'm not building the site, they are.)

    Profile Page

    Home Page

    Music Page

    Listen Page

    I'll add any future thoughts here too.

    Videos Page 10 Jul 08

    Users Page 11 Jul 08

    Feedback on Feedback (and tagging) 11 Jul 08

    Link Artists/ users with their Artist pages? 12 Jul 08

    New site rules: tiered access for non-subs / subs / super-subs
    related: word from staff, from the same thread 14 Jul 08

    Events page 16 Jul 08

    17 July 08:
    It looks like beta isn't beta anymore. No official announcement yet (2.45pm). It's nowhere near ready yet.

    I already said it but I'll say it again: RIP fantastic, beautiful live site, you jewel in the crown, you sensational example of web design, you award winner, you trend-setter. Miss you already. :(

    Babs My Gang

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  • Black Grass - Three

    7 jun 2008, 10:18 av jeej


    That’s right people, it is the return of Black Grass! Mex is back with his third album on Catskills, funnily enough titled… Three.

    Out now on Catskills Records, Three is a tight and eclectic blend of sounds, ranging through broken beat to hip-hop to funk to latin and back again. The album features guests such as; J-Live, Dionne Charles (from Baby Charles) and Koaste. You’ll no doubt be delighted to know that Three is an early candidate as one of the albums of 2008 - what we have here is a collection of 13 tracks spanning multiple genres and styles, whilst maintaining a consistent vibe with a typical Black Grass feel. The hip-hop stylings are present and combine seamlessly with the apparent influences that make Black Grass the class act we’ve all come to expect.

    The track Bass Man is the lead single from Three. The ragga beat and soulful groove will get those dancing feet moving for sure. Bass Man features vocals from Benjammin and I’m certain you’ll be hearing this across dance floors all summer long. It is out now on 12″, CDS and Digital Download - the b-side features the track Set It Straight feat. J-Live. Grab it now from the Catskills eShop.

    Back to Three, here’s the tracklisting:

    1. Alright
    2. Without Your Love (feat. Dionne Charles)
    3. Set It Straight (feat. J-Live)
    4. Bass Man (feat. Benjammin’)
    5. Splash The Cash (feat. Koaste)
    6. Makin’ Emcees Run (feat. Aaron Phiri)
    7. How Much Can You Take? (feat. Dionne Charles)
    8. Quetzalcoatl Returns (feat. A Key and Cissy)
    9. Hold Fire (feat. Dionne Charles)
    10. This & That (feat. The Good People)
    11. Bless (feat. Ruben Da Silva)
    12. Stormy Weathers (feat. Jah Marnyah)
    13. Away (feat. RIDER SHAFIQUE)

    Alright is a laid back summery hip-hop track that in a way reminded me of some classic Grand Central material, ala Aim, Rae & Christian or Fingathing. Then it’s straight into Without Your Love, a latin laden disco style breaks track. But then comes Dionne Charles’ rich vocals and they really take the track to the next level - the combination of Dionne’s soulful solace and the funky groove of Mex’s beats simultaneously remind me of a classic sound, whilst delivering a fresh aural experience. It’s tight.

    J-Live features on the track Set It Straight, a hip-hop track with a very catchy guitar riff. Steadily flowing under said riff is a strong, yet steady, bassline, oh and of course a thumping beat. And J-Live? Need you ask? Sharp lyrics with a smooth flow, J-Live is on top of his game on this one.

    Bass Man is the previously mentioned lead single from Three. Encompassing dub and ska elements, Mex enlisted the vocal skills of Benjammin’, and he provides a ridiculously soulful cypher. This is an uplifting and energetic tune that will storm dancefloors like armed police on a drug raid. Make sure you cop that 12!

    My good man Koaste lends his talent on Splash The Cash. Koaste lays down some of the sharpest and most witty lines you’re likely to hear come out of the UK this year. Catch him touring with the Black Grass live show. Next up is Makin’ Emcees Run featuring Aaron Phiri, another talented emcee. This is one catchy uptempo hip-hop track, another one for the dancefloor surely.

    Dionne Charles returns on How Much Can You Take? Currently one of my favourite tracks from the album. I’m a sucker for funk and I’m a huge Baby Charles fan anyway. Dionne’s voice is both raw and sweet and fits perfectly with the funky break Mex has created, this is a tight track with a strong focus on rhythm, organ and horns - perfect. Quetzalcoatl Returns is an hispanic sounding downtempo breaks track. It’s quite cinematic in its execution and displays essences of such contemporaries as Wax Tailor, Aim and perhaps even Quantic to an extent. It’s beautiful, with its exquisite strings and Saharan sounds - multiple influences and inspirations spliced to create a strong instrumental composition.

    Hold Fire sees Dionne Charles’ third and final appearance on Three. A soulful, steady funk track with a killer bassline. The combination of Dionne’s hook and the ultra catchy horn stabs makes for an addictive chorus in what is yet another laid back dancefloor filler for Black Grass. Straight after is This & That featuring The Good People, an American hip-hop outfit hitting just as hard as the other cypheric masters heard thus far. Keeping with the laid back jazzy breaks hip-hop style, it goes down as easy as a cold beverage on a hot summers’ day.

    The tail end of Three begins with a melodic Balearic beauty in the form of Bless featuring Ruben Da Silva. With slight carnival tones and sugar sweet vocals, this is definitely one to chill to. But don’t get too comfortable, the penultimate track is the ragga tune Stormy Weathers featuring Jah Marnyah. Dutty reggae verses accompanied by a slick reggae chorus laid smack bang on top of a monster beat. The final track is Away, a dubbed out hip-hop track featuring Rider Shafique. This Rider Shafique dude lies somewhere between Roots Manuva and Jahmali - his delivery is both distinct and concise, smooth and sharp. The blend of guitar stabs and eerie organs over a steady beat give a perfect outro scenario of the chilled persuasion.

    I mentioned at the start of this review that Three was an eclectic blend of sounds, but ultimately what is apparent, after giving Three a good listening to, is the stylistic consistency that it presents. It is one thing to attempt to appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners and to feature multiple guests, but another to stamp your creation with a unique watermark. Despite the efforts of those that came before Black Grass with the aim of reaching a larger audience, not many have actually hit the target with such accuracy. Three commands the listener blissfully through 51 minutes of laid back hip-hop’esque sounds with some of the tightest production you are likely to hear this year. A few listens of Three will turn your summer up to 11, because this one goes up to 11, it’s got 1 more.

    Upcoming live dates:

    Jun 5 2008 - Oxford Arts Factory - Sydney, New South Wales
    Jun 7 2008 - We Love Sounds Festival - Melbourne, Victoria
    Jun 8 2008 - We Love Sounds Festival - Sydney, New South Wales
    Jun 9 2008 - We Love Sounds Festival - Brisbane, Queensland
    Jul 4 2008 - Boarding Pass Festival - Greece
    Jul 10 2008 - Powder Rooms - Barcelona, Spain
    Aug 3 2008 - The Ivy - Glasgow, Scotland
    Aug 23 2008 - Beachdown Festival - Brighton, London and South East
    Aug 31 2008 - Jersey Live Music Festival - Jersey, Channel Islands

    Review originally posted (with sample track) at >>jus' like music.