• Reccomendation thread!

    hey all, lets get a reccomendation thread going!
    (for those wondering, the lack of tag info on my profile is down to a non-functioning soundcard on my comp, and therefore no music gets played on it)
    im falling deeply in love with post black/death, avant-garde and tech-metal, and reaaaally want to expand my music beyond the obvious and mainstream.

    favorites include,
    meshuggah, Coprofago, Arcturus, Maudlin of the Well, Kayo Dot, Sun 0))), Neurosis, Akercocke, Botch, Old Man Gloom, Ephel Duath, ect, ect, (wants more)

    btw, my Oink alais is Fren_chie

    Disclaimer: Dont get upset, its the internet, and i probably didnt mean it. probably just my askew sense of humor. and if i did upset you, sorry. (unless stated otherwise)
  • Origin, The Red Chord, Visceral Bleeding, Spawn Of Possession, Theory In Practice, Nocturnus, Cryptopsy, Necrophagist, Spastic Ink, Soilent Green, Psycroptic, Pentacle, Mortal Decay, Goratory

    Just a small pick of tech deathmetal, old school, brutal and tech in general

    "This one is older than shit, heavier than time!"
  • hieronymus bosch

    • elsparko sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 aug 2006, 19:48
    of course i have to mention iniquity and origin...

    • chrisday sa...
    • Användare
    • 23 aug 2006, 22:30
    Sounds more or less like my current tastes...

    Try Xasthur, The Axis of Perdition, Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, In The Woods..., Ram-Zet, Candiria, Kobong, Dysrhythmia, Don Caballero, Manes, Lykathea Aflame, Gorguts, Converge.

    Hopefully you will like some of those.

  • Atheist is one to surely look for.

    "This one is older than shit, heavier than time!"
  • Agiel, Atheretic, Cynic, Demilich, Deviated Presence, Macabre, !T.O.O.H!, Sleep Terror, Behold....The Arctopus, Ihsahn.

  • ...no one said:

    Carnival in Coal

    Kk came back.
    • niks7 sa...
    • Användare
    • 28 jan 2007, 05:09
    Martyr,Anata,Visceral Bleeding,Decrepit Birth,Beneath The Massacre,Spiral Architect,Spastic Ink...

    • asmox sa...
    • Användare
    • 9 feb 2007, 00:23
    A few that haven't been mentioned - Amoral, Trepalium, Neuraxis, Augury, Neglected Fields, Gojira, and Wetwork.

    Some good stuff there.

  • The One and Only Pebster
  • dysrhythmia,continuo renacer,illogicist

  • -Katie
  • Death (Later stuff)

  • Orphaned Land, Alarum, PAVOR (absolute MUST for all fans of technical death), Wayd, Axamenta, Electro Quarterstaff, Fantomas, Gorod, Nevermore, OLD, Ram-Zet, Ved Buens Ende, all the other i'd put were already mentioned

  • Atheist, Watchtower, spastic ink, coroner, death.

  • Pitbulls in the Nursery, The Faceless, Between the buried and me, A Life Once Lost, Into The Moat, Ion Dissonance, Architects, Infested, Commit Suicide, Benighted, Paria, Analog, Spitfire, Diskreet, Defeated Sanity, Jack Slater, The Anti-Doctrine, Posthumous Blasphemer, Aborted, Orphans In Coma, Atheretic, Camilla Rhodes, Unquintessence, Elysia, Despised Icon, Farmakon, Hacride, Dillinger Escape Plan, PsyOpus, Taste Of Insanity, Prostitute Disfigurement, Dawn Of Azazel, Quell, Harlots, Banisher, Aeon, Crowpath, Dominion, Stabwound, Beecher, Sikth, Test Switch Isolator, Cephalic Carnage, Apocalyptic Visions, Broken Hope, Dance Club Massacre, Yakuza, Gaza, Coalesce, Unmerciful, Dying Fetus, Swarm Of The Lotus, Burn In Silence, Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, The Acacia Strain, Flesh And Blood Robot, Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Burnt By The Sun, Deadguy, Mortal Decay, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Ed Gein, Every Time I Die, Mucopus, The Sawtooth Grin, Glass Casket, Aletheian, From A Second Story Window, As The Sun Sets, Nights Like These, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, She Killed Poetry, Byzantine, Putrid Pile... enjoy!

    Other bands Anyone?

    Your soul spins on axis self centered like a WHORING tornado...
    • ohanness sa...
    • Användare
    • 22 mar 2007, 19:59
    man,are you kidding? Quo Vadis...

  • yeah right nobody mentioned Quo Vadis, good band from my homeland but i know this band for a long time...anything new?

    Your soul spins on axis self centered like a WHORING tornado...
  • Carcariass is a good melo-technical band from france chek out the cd Killing Process I bought it 2 month ago and personnaly I don't like melodic death metal but that cd is really great if yourre fan of any type of technical death metal you should love it

    Your soul spins on axis self centered like a WHORING tornado...
  • GTI (Grotesque Through Incoherence) are another great band from France, they are technical and progressive and mix up a large varietes of metal stytle with other kind of music. cant tell what but its good and catchy and they really put emotion to their brutal cacophony and use lots of instruments: keyboards, horns... to make their record different and funny to listen to. chek out the album "Utopia City" you will more understand what i'm talking about.

    Your soul spins on axis self centered like a WHORING tornado...
  • Electrocution 250 -insane fusion-jazz metal in the veins of spastik ink, canvas solaris, East West Blast Test...

    Your soul spins on axis self centered like a WHORING tornado...
    • fuz53 sa...
    • Användare
    • 3 apr 2007, 04:05
    I didn't see anyone mention Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Estradosphere, or Tub Ring.

  • This is a forum for technical metal not experimental rock
    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Tub Ring dont fit with the Description: For anybody who's into headspinningly complex, forward-thinking, eargasmic, and supremely technical metal...still dont know what is Estradosphere

    Your soul spins on axis self centered like a WHORING tornado...
  • someone already said Beneath the Massacre but they deserve a second mention : D

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