Remastered Bush of Ghosts - disappointing.

  • Remastered Bush of Ghosts - disappointing.

    My Life in the Bush of Ghosts is one of my favorite albums, and I've looked forward to the remaster + bonus tracks for months. But having purchased and listened to it now, I prefer the original pressing.

    The remaster sounds like it has some sort of error in the song Regiment right before the vocals start, and the song Quran was omitted from the track listing.

    The bonus tracks are kinda interesting, but two are throwaway tracks "Solo Guitar with Tin Foil" and "Vocal Outtakes" and a couple others sounds like variations of "The Jezebel Spirit".

    However, the packaging and liner notes are well done, and for that reason I don't regret the purchase. But I'll be listening to my rip of the original CD on my iPod from now on.


  • *Stares at tonyballinger's post for several moments*


    I liked it. Then again, I've only heard this new remastered version.

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    • MaPey sa...
    • Användare
    • 17 jun 2006, 09:58
    this is one of the best reissues/remasters ever period

  • If you didn't count The Brick. ;)

    And I find "Solo" to be very delicate and poignant, thank you.

  • MaPey,
    Don't get me a wrong, it's a great album. It just seems like a lot of remasters lately have had little glitches in them - like the Eno remasters. The recent Talking Heads remasters have been without any mastering errors as far as I can tell though. The Brick is a masterpiece. =)


    • MaPey sa...
    • Användare
    • 26 jun 2006, 20:58
    I finally bought the reissue of 'Remain In Light' today (bye bye old one!), I'm glad with the clear sound quality (no "glitches" mr tonyballinger :) and the extra tracks...
    But I'm disappointed that there aren't many liner notes, just some pictures of the original notes with the lyrics (once you've seen it, you've seen it forever), only two short quotes (by Adrian Belew and Mary Gaitskill). But hello Talking Heads, where are your notes? At least Byrne could write some (on 'My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts' he did!). This is your most important album! Come on!
    And the (included) DVD is nothing special either, only two songs live on a German TV show, and the "Photo Gallery" has the same pictures as the booklet! No videoclip (the 'Once In A Lifetime' was a nice one!).
    I mean that they could have made more out of this reissue :|

  • They barely wrote any liner notes, probably because they really aren't that happy to work with each other; David pretty much pissed the other three off. While he'll pimp his solo project, he's probably "over" Talking Heads, I don't know. Now why the other three couldn't write liners, who knows.

    But yeah, other than an awesome album along with a 5.1 Remix and some bonuses, it's kinda lax. Props to Jerry, though.

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