Help my ears please!

  • Help my ears please!

    I mentioned in another post that I really like Ladytron. Apart from these the only other new track that I found that I really love in the electro/synthpop style on lastfm is 'Voodoo' by Robots in disguise . I not sure that any of RIDs other tracks hits the mark for me - seems more guitary. Can anyone point me in the direction of something that I might enjoy? I keep clicking on various bands tracks and it's not hitting the spot, if you know what I mean? I know lastfm can direct you towards what you're after, but a human pair of ears and someone elses brain might help me out.

  • Let me recommend these:

    Northern Kind
    West End Girls

    NK hasn't got any tracks on yet but their myspace site is easily found. All these are female fronted, and I give especially high marks to Marsheaux if you're into the Ladytron/Human league sound.

  • If you like Ladytron, then Ladyhawke may be to your liking. There's a similar mix of 80s influences with cool female vocals, although the effect is somewhat warmer than Ladytron. Worth a shot, anyway -
    Dusk Till Dawn is a blast!

  • Ashbury Heights might be one worth looking into, a little more gothic than Ladytron, but tracks like Smile, Spiders, Crossair, Derrick Is a Strange Machine and many others do have a hint of Ladytron sounding music in them.

  • Tricky...

    I'd have seconded the recommendation for Ladyhawke but she might be too guitar-y for you. Here are my recommendations:

    La Roux - La Roux (UK teen revisits Yazoo and early 80's synthpop.)
    Little Boots - Hands (Quirky electronic pop with a guest appearance by Phil Oakey.)
    Pet Shop Boys - Yes (a fine return to form!)
    BWO - Fabricator (Swedish synthpop at it's finest!)
    The Presets - Beams (Lads from down under add unique take on synthpop.)
    Goldfrapp - Supernature (UK duo take Gary Numan influences and modernize them but better than you'd think possible.)
    Onetwo - Instead (Propaganda diva and OMD man create phenomenal modern synthpop debut classic.)


  • "Are 'Friends' Electric?"
  • Ayria maybe?

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