Synthesizers- better than oxygen, religion, and antibiotics.

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This group is for all of our fellow electrofreaks out there, the synthesizer addicts.

Because you got this group as a search result, you should join it. Whether you build synthesizers, love...

We like the synthesizer.

We like it. We like it a lot.

We don't really need oxygen. It's a scientifically proven fact that humans only need two things to survive on earth, and oxygen is not one of them.

Religion has been nothing but a problem from the start. Not only has religion caused wars, destruction, pain, child abuse, death, and the foulest creation on this green planet- the heat lamp; but religion is also hard to spell and caused a rash on my large genitals. In addition, Salt Lake City is dry in the summer and had it not been for religion, the arrid desert we call "Mormontopia" would not be a vacation spot for unfortunate Mormon kiddies.
Not that we dislike Mormons; on the contrary, if you are a Mormon and you like synthesizers, you will be welcomed into our little commune like a coffeecake at afternoon tea.

Antibiotics are just plain silly.

Don't know whether you're a synthesizer addict or not? Take these scenarios into account.
Scenario: It's 3am, you have a massive exam in 5 hours, and you're at your computer, barely awake. The notes from your class look enticing, but Kraftwerk's Trans-Europe Express is just so much more persuasive. You fail your exam, but you blame it on Endless Europe. All is right with the world.
Does this sound like you?

If you love your Korg more than you love your siblings, you might be a synthesizer addict.

If you've ever considered carrying a tape recorder around with you to 'capture soundscapes', then you might be a synthesizer addict.

If you've stayed up late into the night, surfing the internet, trying to find schematics, you might be a synthesizer addict.

If you've ever procured a wooden box and thought, "gee, this is a perfect size for a modular!", you might be a synthesizer addict.

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