What colours are your favourite songs?

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    • 6 dec 2007, 23:12

    What colours are your favourite songs?

    Hey everyone, I'm new and I seem to have something like synaesthesia, altho I don't know enough about it right now to be sure.

    Anyway, do any of your favourite songs share similar colours? Most of my favourites seem to be various shades of blue, for some reason. (Apart from one, which is a sort of dark purplish red colour.)

    Also, do any of you "see" shapes, textures or different kinds of spaces when you listen to music?

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    • 22 dec 2007, 01:36
    I was listening to Mouthwash by Kate Nash, and when the chorus comes in, I see a rectangle that goes from purple to pink to red, and disappears. And then a purple square shows up and moves upward.

    I generally see yellow, purple, and black the most. But sometimes I see orange.

    Most Radiohead and Underworld songs are yellow.

    Some Franz Ferdinand and Klaxons songs are orange.

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    • p-hop sa...
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    • 22 dec 2007, 05:21
    Sigur Ros is always a honey-yellow fading to sunset red. It's really relaxing. Boards of Canada is usually blue with green highlights like infrared vision. My musical tastes jump around between a lot of genres so I can't really say anything similar-sounding has similar colors.

  • It surely is a dumb question but I think you only see these colors when you're eyes are closed, right?

    I always have a picture or scene in my head when I listen to a song but I'm pretty sure it's got nothing to do with synesthesia.

    • R3111981 sa...
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    • 23 dec 2007, 21:57
    I always have pictures or scenes in my head too.

    But some of the colors I see are when my eyes are closed and sometimes when they're open. I guess it's just a matter of seeing the colors period.

    It's weird that so far, Kate Nash is the only person to produce strong, soild shapes and colors, while the others I've mentioned are kinda faded and are just blobs.

    How the butterfly came to be:

    "Dood, dat flooturby iz stealin all ur milks and booturs" :O
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    • 28 dec 2007, 20:24
    clicktrackheart said:
    It surely is a dumb question but I think you only see these colors when you're eyes are closed, right?

    I always have a picture or scene in my head when I listen to a song but I'm pretty sure it's got nothing to do with synesthesia.

    I don't know, I mean it's possible to see something in your mind's eye, even when your eyes are open, right? If I do see the colours, it's not as 'real' as truly seeing real-world colours.

    In fact, I'm not sure if I'm truly 'seeing' the colours or not. Maybe it's just the idea of the colour, I don't know.

    Most Radiohead songs are light blue, for some reason. Although Street Spirit is a darker blue.

  • my favourites seems to be mostly darkish blue/green

    • BAFfan sa...
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    • 29 apr 2008, 12:58
    Mine are yellows and greens
    Sometimes brown

  • It depends on the band and the song.
    Colorwise, it's often just a gently chaotic blending haze of all the words being sung, like a watercolor painting that has been blurred by a big wet brush.

    I have color triggers when I hear words spoken and they are nearly identical to color triggers I get when reading or writing.

    The vocal stylings of Muse, for example, is largely blue.
    Many different shades of dark, yet somehow bright, blue...and some silver flashes like glitter or stars.
    Hip-hop and rap, on the other hand, always turns into brownish slate-greyish mush full of vibrating strings like wires bent at odd angles along their length; this music makes me synesthetically uncomfortable.

    Spoken-word set to music, like Nina Haggen or Steven Jesse Bernstein, is always a fun synesthetic experience...hee hee!

    On the whole though, I find that instrumental pieces create the most solid patterns, shapes, and singular, separate colors.

    For instance, Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" is dusky lavender and midnight blue ribbons, and pale pink wisps of smoke-like things.

    Conversely, Andreas Vollenweider's "Down To The Moon" is mainly icy blues, white jagged lines that aren't unpleasant, little orb-like silver things that pop, (like bubbles made of mercury, maybe?) with intervals of shiny slippery black strings, (almost like rubber or latex) and soft flashes of gold light.

    There was a piece of music I remember hearing when I was around 7 years old that struck me with a really memorable and weird synesthetic response, and while I can not remember the music anymore but for a few bits and bars here and there, I vividly recall my impression of a brilliant green expanse, against which a row of several white letter X's tumbled like pinwheels or windmills, following eachother (this is made even weirder for me because my letter X is not white, or anything close to white. It's dark red.)

    ...Long-winded, I know, but I never get to talk about this stuff normally!

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  • I dont believe this is my actual favorite song, but it definitely has to be one of my favorite songs to see.
    Hold Tight London is by far the most impressive, calming, and beautiful thing I've ever seen. When I listen to it, i get shivers because of the imagery. Its mainly purple and blue.. calming colors. As the pace picks up though, the colors get a tad more intense. The womans voice is usually represented as a green brushstroke that swirls itself around the other "tracks" dancing around. Its wonderful.

    For something more on-topic, most of my favorite have the color combination of blue-purple-green.

  • To me, dub music is always black. Musically it's just so sparse.

  • I've been on a Prem Joshua kick lately, listening to some of his more ambient compositions from Sky Kisses Earth. I've noticed that both Earth Kisses Sky and Sky Kisses Earth(The former most powerfully) tend to shimmer when looked at (heard? I still can't figure out how to phrase it.).

    It's got something to do with the sitar, which has a glittery sound to begin with; when experienced it turns into little shards of light against black or another dark color (the background is dark regardless of the track if that intstrument is present), and the rest of the track is flowing sunset colors like smoke in the air. I could go on and on about the way the song works, but i'm sure I'd bore everyone xD

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    • creeco sa...
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    • 3 nov 2008, 20:16
    We'll most metallica songs are deep red to me, this masterpiece is no exeption Welcome Home (sanictarium)

    When i listen to it, what i see reminds me of the visualisations in media player.

    Hold tight london is also good as some guy pointed out.

  • I don't know...there are just some incredibly rich and beautiful color combinations that come from different songs and types of music it's hard to pick favorites.

    But powder blue is my favorite color in general, and even though it's a really common color for me to see in music, Season Song by Blue States is probably the most beautiful version of it in my head that I've ever seen. It's all light and shimmery and airy. :)

    Lots of my favorite songs tend to be blue or purple overall though.

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  • My favorite song is Sun Comes Up - The Used, and it's one of the most beautiful to me. Its light blue haze at the beginning with icy blue high tones, and purple lines with golden sparkles. When the chorus starts there is this amazing purple plume that could make me cry when i see it. The second chorus is closer in color to the last verse .Ending verse is yellow and orange with little green circles flying around. Happy sounds are usually yellow. seeing this song really evokes emotions for me. THe beginning usually makes me feel like crying (or acctually crying) the end jsut makes me feel really happy. I love seeing this song :)

  • This is a really interesting topic. I've always associated songs with colours but I didn't know it was mild synaesthesia.
    A strong one of me is Enter Shikari's debut album. Every one of the songs has a very strong colour;

    Enter Shikari - Green
    Mothership - Red
    Anything Can Happen - Blue
    Labyrinth - Red
    No Sssweat - Yellow
    History - Black
    Energiser - Black/Green
    SYNAW - Green
    Plan B - Black

    I think there's a lot of green because of the cover art being green. The colour of art and any colour names in the song title seem to influence my mental image.

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  • listening to "Morning Light: by the dirty heads right now

    in the intro its all black and deep purple dots, that sorta pop with the drum, and the rest of it's all bright yellows and greens with some sharp icy blue lines that almost jump with the guitar, but, they dont actually move i love it :D <3 (what a good song to put on now itunes, its 8 am xD )

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    • dankslug sa...
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    • 9 jan 2014, 11:56
    Fall Out Boy Patrick Stump's voice is a deep red it's very pretty. Favorite color lately is Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco's voice its a light orange. Andrew Jackson Jihad has a lot of light blue and yellow mix of sounds and its nice.

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