Symphony X Live Performs

    • usuro sa...
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    • 11 aug 2007, 12:04

    Symphony X Live Performs

    Hey there...
    I'd like to start a discussion about the band's live performs. No doubt SX is one of my favourite bands, but i'm also pretty much a fan of concerts. This is where you could enjoy the music you love and see it being created in front of you eyes - an emotion beyond comparison to me. Unfortunatelly I'll have to join the critics of the band concerning this topic in some aspects. I shared my opinion with some of my friends who saw the in different places and to a great extent it matches with theirs First: of what I heard personally, their sound is terrible. I managed to hear mainly some drums, lots of bass and some scraping sound coming out of the guitar. Rusell was the one i could't hear at all at 90% of the time. Althought he was who was singing as if it was his last performance. He sang with an icredible desire, but for nothing. M. Romeo played perfectly. I don't doubt his talent,his fingers were flying over the guitar but I could't hear a sound from his solos. Particularly about the songs from the last album, if you didn't know which one exactly they were playing or Russel didn't announce it, you wouldn't know what they were playing.
    Second: they play most of the songs faster than the original. In some cases it is ok, but that leads to some changes in the songs, especially drums. And what a drummer Rullo is!!!!! But even a drummer of his class coudn't play all the details when they play faster. And to me, I go to concerts to see how exactly he's gonna do this and that, but what he does is just skipping it. Why?? If the song is going to be maimed.....
    Let's stop with counting:)) Don't get me wrong. I adore the band, but obviously my expectations were too big and i was disappointed. If you go to a Dream Theater concert the sound is like coming out of a studio album. I guess that's why they are such a big band. You just couldn't do compromises with the quality of what you do, because according to me, when you have so many fans you have a respnsibility to them.
    I could write some other things but this became too long already.
    What's your opinion??

    • r3bBa sa...
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    • 26 okt 2007, 15:59
    I'm going to see them Monday with Dream Theatger in Milan for the first time...
    I just got into Symphony X thanks to Paradise Lost.
    Actually, I got into them 'cause they played with Dream Theater, and I felt like I had to listen to something before seeing them live.
    Dream Theater has been my favouite band for years, and I've already seen them in 2005. The sound was awesome, I could hear everything they played. That was an "A Night With" concert, so only DT played therefore I don't have a clue about how they treat "opening bands".
    But you really scared me!!! Now I fear I won't be able to hear them properly.

    • EvilFiek sa...
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    • 10 dec 2007, 15:25

    Got a few questions

    February 20th I'll be attending my first SX(and in first "real" concert, EVER). Now I got a few questions concerning a typical SX concert:

    What kind of crowd is to be expected? Are there many of those mosh pit kids? Because I am actually more interested in enjoying the music instead of trying to not get killed.

    Do you sing to the songs? Because on Live on the Edge of Forever I couldn't hear even ONE crowd member sing to any of the songs.

    Are there any special songs I should know that are typically played at a SX concert?

    Can I expect to hear The Odyssey or Divine Wings in full on a SX concert?

    Do they sometimes play different songs than their own (like DT often does) i.e. covering other artists etc.?

    • usuro sa...
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    • 12 dec 2007, 22:17
    well, sometimes at live shows you couldn't hear the crowd, it depends on the way it is recorded.
    Just check Live on The Edge Of Forever to see which songs they play the most, including some of the new album of course...
    I don't think they would play the long songs in full, no time for that, probably just a part.
    I don't know if they play any covers at their concerts and to be honest I doubt if they would...
    As to the crowd, I don't think their music allows you to be in a situation to be killed by the crowd:)))
    But when you come back from the concert, write back and say how it was... :)

  • I saw them supporting DT in Warsaw, Poland, 2nd October and have to say that it was just incredible! Really, thay should play 1,5 hour instead of 40 minutes, because they did a perfect performance! Maybe during other shows there are problems with sound, but there was only one - bass covered the keyboard. Drums were groundbreaking, solos too. And Russel was singing EXACTLY as on the albums! So I have to say (apart from that problem with bass) that I was truly impressed. I liked SX before, but after this show they've become one of my favorites :)

  • i´m agree with usuro, your show in Colombia has many technical faults, and your entrance was very poor, nothing special or impressive... however i passed a good time, is my favorite band but i know that they are a studio band, more than in live

    In the Gaia's days
  • i think that our reward for the tech problems was the interpretation of The Odyssey, because sounds very good, even without orchestra... excellent... i cry

    In the Gaia's days
  • I just saw them live on Thursday, and I thought they were AMAZING. The setlist was really short but they did play The Odyssey, which was probably the best moment of my life.

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