Vote for your favourite song written by Syd

    • mozzmozz sa...
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    • 5 apr 2012, 00:23

    Vote for your favourite song written by Syd

    I thought it might be a good idea to take a straw poll of all our visitors' favourite Syd penned song.

    Say what the song is (either from his Pink Floyd period, or solo), and perhaps add why it's your favourite.

    For myself it's:

    See Emily Play.
    Because it was so ground breaking at the time it was released (May 1967). Totally different to anything else in the "pop charts" as they were known then. It is probably the ealiest truly great psychedelic song. (Released one week before Sergeant Pepper).

    "Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth ... Before ... It ... Is ... Recycled"

    Leader of Desert Island Discs and Syd Barrett Appreciation Society
    • mozzmozz sa...
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    • 5 apr 2012, 00:25
    ... after a while I'll produce some "charts". ;-)

    "Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth ... Before ... It ... Is ... Recycled"

    Leader of Desert Island Discs and Syd Barrett Appreciation Society
  • Favorite Syd Barrett Song

    Vegetable Man- Barrett allows the listener to get a quick view of he during that time. It's raw,it doesn't really deal with a 'happy' theme yet the music doesn't really let you feel 'depressed' by it. It is similar to the musical sense I feel from Pink Floyd in general.

    • BrunaLDL sa...
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    • 13 apr 2012, 00:31

    Favorite Syd Barrett Song

    Matilda Mother - is very hard to choose just one, but I think is it. Was the first time that I really noticed his wonderful voice, and when I started love him.

    ♫ I just can't let it die
    Cause her heart's just like mine
    And she holds her pain inside ♫

    (Guns N' Roses - This I Love)
  • Man, that's difficult... but I'm gonna go with Maisie. Funny and strange but still rockin' (love that nice slow groove), with a Syd vocal delivery for the ages. Enigmatic lyrics that nevertheless totally work. And no one else I've ever listened to could have written a song like it.

    Runner-up (and my favorite on odd-numbered days): Jugband Blues.

    • Wecran sa...
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    • 13 apr 2012, 00:44
    I'd have to vote for Dominoes with a runner up of Rats.

  • I vote for Astronomy Domine, because it's a fantastic song, that opens a fantastic album made by a fantastic band on its early years. I love every single thing Syd recorded, it's hard to choose

    Lucas Belchior
  • Favorite Barret Song

    Ramadan. It's pretty interesting..second to that would be Vegetable Man.

    • zzottt sa...
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    • 13 apr 2012, 01:18
    Domino's or Dark Globe but its like whats your favorite favorite? I really love all his songs and picking absolute favorite is kinda hard

  • I've been staring at this question for a while and it's always so difficult for me to pick favorites, but I'd have to go with Pink Floyd's first released single Arnold Layne because it was the first song I head from the Barrett era that made me appreciate Syd so much. It sparked my love for him and his music. Also from his own stuff I'd say Octopus because it's a fun song, always makes me smile.

  • Octopus, Dark Globe

  • Favorite Syd's song?
    Arnold Layne!

  • Lucifer Sam (PF) & Dominoes (solo)

  • Favorite Syd Song

    Lucifer Sam followed closely by Bike

  • I'm between Lucifer Sam, Astronomy Domine and Bob Dylan Blues

  • That's haaard!
    But I think it's Jugband Blues. I love how Syd has structured this song, showing his different feelings. I love the Salvation Army band's part, too -- it's very avant-guarde. Oh, and the lyrics! That's one of the most impressive lyrics I ever known! The bitterness, the sarcasm, the "go fuck yourselves" attitude; Syd is very daring in saying all of that.
    And personally this song speaks A LOT to me.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 13 apr 2012, 03:45
    I like very much Flaming, Lucifer Sam and See Emilly Play.

    • etaketak sa...
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    • 13 apr 2012, 03:46
    Vegetable man.

    • sudhang sa...
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    • 13 apr 2012, 04:34

  • Well I must say that the first music that got me into Pink Floyd was Arnold Layne so I choose that as my favorite. But I can't really tell what's my favorite music from Syd.
    There's also Bike, See Emily Play, The Gnome, Effervescing Elephant and of course Jugband Blues as his goodbye song.

    Nobody Knows where you near or how far...

    Jugband Blues. Hands down. Repeat. Jugband Blues.. or Dominoes

  • I'd have to say Bike. It's just so great

    Everything you know is wrong
    • Hohko sa...
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    • 13 apr 2012, 04:48
    This is indeed really hard to choose one favorite over all the rest songs he made. But, I can say that I choose "See Emily Play". From he's solo career I'd say either "Dominoes" or "Late Night"

    • Balpheor sa...
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    • 13 apr 2012, 05:15
    Dark Globe

  • Too difficult, couldn't choose one definitive favourite but today my favourite is Dark Globe. "A dream in a mist of grey".

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