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This group is all about surf music and related genres. A group for music fans to discover new bands and discuss gigs and releases and a group for artists to post their showdates and news.

Surf Rock was one of the most popular forms of American rock & roll of the early '60s. Distinguished by reverb-drenched guitar, rolling instrumentals that were designed to sound like crashing waves, and simple, three-chord songs, the music may sound similar on the surface, but it was revolutionary music for its time, exploring sonic territories previously unheard in rock music. The first wave of surf rock was kicked off by Dick Dale and his single "Let's Go Trippin." The single was a local hit in California, but it inspired countless bands to form -- groups like the Chantays and Surfaris, who had national hits ("Pipeline" and "Wipe Out," respectively). Nearly all of these groups were one-hit wonders that struggled to produce a second hit single. The second wave of surf rock was led by the Beach Boys, who added Four Freshmen-style pop harmonies to the basic Chuck Berry rhythms of surf rock. Groups like Jan & Dean and Ronny & the Daytonas followed, but the Beach Boys remained the ultimate surf band for many listeners, simply because they put the appeal of the beach and surfing into words instead of conveying it with impressionistic music. Nevertheless, the sounds of the instrumental surf rock echoed throughout the sonic experimentations of '60s guitarists, and the genre remained popular into the '90s, thanks to the efforts of several generations of surf-rock revivalists.

Surf revival was a small indie-label phenomenon featuring chiefly instrumental bands who were dedicated to recreating the twangy, echo-drenched sound of '60s surf guitar. Some bands used the sound to create a mysterious atmosphere, but more often than not, surf revival didn't quite play it straight, adding campy humor and kitschy references to '50s and early-'60s pop culture (for example, the scores of sci-fi, horror, and Western films). Many surf revival bands had better chops on their instruments than their predecessors, and could thus play their music at breakneck punk-rock speeds if they chose (usually with a knowing wink). Surf revival first appeared at the tail end of the '80s and continued on through the '90s; its biggest artists included Man or Astro-Man?, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Laika & the Cosmonauts, and the Mermen.


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