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Skapad den: 18 jan 2009
butts all around << bet u can guess who wrote that [rollzeyez]

this is your safe haven +++ speak your piece

helo this is katie:

lookin at u

this is james (then):

this is james (now):


lololol i like how this is practically anonymous except for the fact that we can see when we view it...


they make us sound like royalty or somethiin'
I just can't take it any more!
As a group leader you can choose to give up your position of power. Perhaps you find the stresses of office too much to handle or perhaps you just can't be bothered with it.
What if you abdicate power to another user and they don't accept? Well, you're still in a position to punish them, I think banishment would be fitting.

11/27 101,000: brettfarve wrote: larry david
12/10 102,000: GingerFear wrote: grape flavoured anything is awesome so I don't even know why that bro bothered to bring it up.
01/12 103,000: katieevans wrote: 103000
01/16 103,000 DecomposingTree wrote: corey feldman what a dreamboat
03/??: 104,000: Nickisback wrote: ??? (RIP NICK)
01/10: 105,000: falsegrailss wrote:saw a kid wearing a fubu jersey today no joke
12/31/13: 106,000: katieevans wrote: max i've heard u mouthbreathe before

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