Sunset Mission

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Ledare: JamesLebowski
Policy för att gå med: Öppen
Skapad den: 14 okt 2007

The group name surely is a reference to the album that goes by the same name from "Bohren & der Club of Gore". But it's not supposed to be a tribute to that record.

It's about a specific atmosphere, that certain feeling when you're all alone, sun sets and you're listening to some music to drown yourself in melancholy (and eventually in a glass of wine).
The day is over for sure, but we're even more sure that something's undone, something's unsaid.
But now it's too late, isn't it?

We are on the gentle side of melancholy. Deeply thoughtful we escape the everyday-routine, watch the nightsky and hold on more to emotion and feelings than to "reality".

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