Ew. New kinds of surveys...

  • Ew. New kinds of surveys...

    I saw a new type of survey today where you have to pick an artist and then answer questions using only that artist's song titles. Why can't people see that's just as pointless as alphabet journals?

    The game doesn't even really take any thought. If you're in a pretty good mood and were trying to answer the question "How are you feeling right now?", but there were no positive song titles, answering "not applicable" is not an option. Nope, instead you have to answer with a song like "I Feel Like Dying" just because it begins with "I Feel."

    A rant? Nah, just keeping people up to date with the new surveys out there. Anybody else see any other interesting wastes of time?

  • i hate the ABC survey, shuffle survey and the question 1 about band 7 on top 10...

    but i love this new one! you answer questions with names of songs from a favorite band of yours... kind of showing respect to it... i found it interesting...

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    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 3 mar 2006, 02:35
    I like how now people will post these type of lists with post-names like "I know its a cliche..." or "everyone's doing it, so..." as if, if you admit that you know its stupid and polluting the site you are somehow off the hook for doing it.

  • Yeh, exactly!

    • lmdinmn sa...
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    • 3 mar 2006, 19:52
    Worse yet are the people who don't title their post in some way that lets you know it's another damn survey. I swear 90% of my recommendations lately are those top 10 things.
    I am surprised today was the first time that you saw the pick an artist and answer these questions with song titles.
    Today was a the first day in a long time that I actually read more than just one or two relevant (actually talking about music) posts, maybe the top 10 survey is losing steam. Something else will take it's place I am sure. I've seen more 'in my pants' ones lately (adding that phrase to the title of a song), and just now I saw a wonderful variation on it - 'up my butt'. Lovely.

  • I don't read journals anymore

    I just stopped caring and became disinterested. Too much garbage out there.

  • But that sucks that it's come to that. There are so many GREAT journals out there!! It certainly sucks that we have to go searching through the garbarge to find them.

  • we need SCROBBLER POLICE over here!!!!!

  • I've seen a couple of twists on this recently, no doubt coming soon to plague a Recommendations list near you : /

    Firstly, just the usual A-Z guff, but also the user's favourite track by each artist...

    ...and then 'Name that tune'. Pick a lyric from the first 50 songs that are randomly played on your media player, then list them in a journal for other users to guess the track/artist.

  • Fives

    Another one on the loose:

    5 bands you will always love
    5 bands you will always hate
    5 bands that are overrated
    5 bands you want to see live
    5 bands you liked as a kid

    OK, not strictly alphabet, but that's still 25 potential chances of landing in your reccomendations box.

  • Ahhh that's HORRIBLE. What a mindless journal that would make.

    • Babs_05 sa...
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    • 17 mar 2006, 02:50


    Quoth deanchristesen:
    Ahhh that's HORRIBLE. What a mindless journal that would make.

    .... and pointless. I did a top 10 recently - and I've already changed my mind! lol!! Not doing anymore.



  • Hardly "Commie-Nazi"

    ...when you've joined a group of your own volition, and said group is led by a member who (like the majority of the group) wishes to filter out the garbage.

    I still think that the best thing last.fm could give its users is a method for "personally" blocking other members.

    Say that a member is constantly submitting idiocy to a group of which you are also a member, in an attempt to bring the collective IQs of the other members down to a level closer to that of their own. There would be a button you could click which would permanently block that member's submissions from your page.

    There. That was

    Likewise, when a member continually promotes a track, album or artist; which either you find does not fit with the tenor of the group to which it is being recommended, or perhaps you simply don't need that particular recommendation an additional twenty times, because of the previous twenty times it was already recommended to you. There would be a button you could click which would permanently block that member's recommendations from your page.

    There. That was

    Then the chaff will have been removed and we can all enjoy the wheat that remains.

    UnderKnown Artists you might like?

    we're all a little broken... just like last.fm

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