New Earthlings EP 2009

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    • 9 feb 2009, 08:41

    New Earthlings EP 2009

    Just thought you all would want to know!

    New earthlings? 4 song ep, Disposable Brain, finally available from Treasure Craft Records!!!

    Pete Stahl, David Catching, Adam Maples are back!!! Joined by new earthling?/producer/engineer, Edmund Monsef (U.N.K.L.E., The Duke Spirit, Masters of Reality, Goon Moon). Also joining in on this super sonic substance: player/producer/earthling?: Mathias Scneeberger, Eagles of Death Metal bassist: Brian "Bighands" O'Conner, Gnarls Barkley guitarist: Clint Walsh, and Molly Maguire. You'll thrill to the horror of "666er", taste the triumph with "T.Glitter", ride the universal spacescape on "Unicorn"' and trade in that old tired cerebrum for "Disposable Brain".

    It was well worth the wait for these tidbits that preclude the new earthlings? album, available early 2009 on Treasure Craft Records!!! Don't hesitate!!! Pre-order now, this limited edition vinyl ep and receive free digital downloads immediately.

    with love...
    earthlings? and Treasure Craft Records

  • That's awesome. I hope the first two albums get reissued. I can't find them anywhere.

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