Kyuss on the radio

  • Kyuss on the radio

    “You tried to turn me off but you couldn’t even turn me down”

    Here is a big plug for an upcoming kyuss radio show.

    Reunited Kyuss are to visit NZ for first time on May 13th. Like so many others, Just on Spec radio departement will be making the pilgrimage to worship at the feet of these pioneers of desert dweller stoner rock. But before they do Just on Spec will be devoting the full 90 minutes on Tuesday May 10th to the band, its many guises and the genre of music that has launched so many great albums since. If you want to feel the love for one of the greatest bands of the modern era, or you simply want to push your new stereo equipment to the limit, tune in to Just on Spec, May 10 only on Fresh FM.

    JUST ON SPEC Tuesday May 10th 8 till 9.30pm New Zealand time 104.8 FM stereo

    Listen via web here here

    Learn more about Just on spec here[url=]

  • on tonight in 10 hours time

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