Interactive maps of top artists and their tags

    • aliekens sa...
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    • 31 jul 2008, 00:20

    Interactive maps of top artists and their tags

    Here's the latest in my series of tag clouds and related scripts: Interactive maps of your top artists and tags.

    Here's a screenshot of the applet, with some of my own data:

    • C26000 sa...
    • Användare
    • 1 aug 2008, 23:13
    Great!! :D

    thanks for this , I'll add it to the overview text immediately :)

    It would be good idea an option to reduce the font size, it may help to reduce the clutter that doesn't want to go away in my interactive map ;)

    • C26000 sa...
    • Användare
    • 1 aug 2008, 23:26
    an option for different color for tags and artists would be cool too :)

    • aliekens sa...
    • Användare
    • 2 aug 2008, 09:45

    Font size slider

    I have added a font size slider to the applet, as a quick hack.

    • C26000 sa...
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    • 3 aug 2008, 06:26
    thanks! :)

    • Greg_x7 sa...
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    • 3 aug 2008, 10:45
    Looks great, but it really needs an option to start the applet in a new window, the space on your site is just to small in my opinion.

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  • really great !!!

    however it seems that it can't handle some characters.
    this is the case for instance with 増田俊郎.

    I get this :

    Could you set the charset to UTF-8 ? :-)

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    • E1i45 sa...
    • Alumni
    • 28 aug 2008, 22:26
    WOW!!!!!! Thanks!

  • Extremely cool!

    A few thoughts: it would be easier to make sense of the visualization if tags were colored one way and artists another (and/or if each tag had a unique color); as noted above, it would be very cool to be able to explore the visualization in a larger window; if would be great if artist names and tags were hyperlinked to corresponding pages; computational and display obstacles notwithstanding, it would be very interesting to permit the visualization of more than the top 50 artists (and/or sets of 50 other than the top 50); incidentally, I had no luck getting the 12 mo., 6 mo. or 3 mo. history views to update with correct data (although the overall and one week displays work great).

    On a somewhat more tangential thought vector... would it be possible to create a variant of this tool in which one could load 2 users' profiles, subtract out the common artists/tags, and then display a "difference" map that represented the artists/tags unique to one of the users? I ask because I think that would make for a fantastic music discovery tool. Example: I enter my username and the username of a friend with a modestly overlapping set of listening habits, and the tool generates a visualization of only those artists/tags that are in my friend's profile, but not in mine. Coupled with the ability to hyperlink directly to artist (and/or tag) pages, I think that would be an incredibly powerful way to discover new music. displays the rough "musical compatibility" between two users' profiles, and shows common artists, but it's ultimately the areas of difference where the good discoveries are found, particularly if two people are starting with a relatively high degree of compatibility.

    At any rate -- sorry to go on at such length. In case I failed to adequately convey my praise, this is a very well-implemented visualization tool that manages to convey a level of intuitively accurate information much more efficiently than do tag clouds or artist lists alone (at least for my brain). Kudos!

  • Regarding your second paragraph:

    Actually the author of the interactive map (anthony liekens) made a "difference tag cloud" which is pretty cool and what you request, but for tags only , not artists:

    It goes like that for the difference between you and me, but with colours and font size (note to the author: generating bbcode would be really cool :))
    At the beginning is your trend, at the end is mine:

    jazz blues alt-country folk americana brazilian mpb bossa nova experimental tropicalia saxophone country brasil classic rock free jazz delta blues bebop cool jazz piano brazil britpop instrumental british chillout belgian pop singer-songwriter electronic alternative rock trip-hop post-rock female vocalists acoustic french rock indie alternative

  • Is it possible to get the source code somewhere? I would like to feed it my own data, actually what I miss is the possibility of whitelisting tags atm there are just too many tags displayed so it does not help me making connections between artists :/

    ATM I've blacklisted those :
    seen live, rock, japanese, world, singer-songwriter, guitare, guitar virtuoso, instrumental rock, british, house, dance, 60s, alternative rock, chillout, anime, 80s, san francisco, guitarist, fingerpicking, psychedelic, psychedelic rock, swedish, political, jazz, folk, french rock, electronica, chanson francaise, rock francais, acid jazz, indie, norwegian, ambient

    some of them are blacklisted because they are somewhat duplicates :
    guitar, guitar virtuoso, guitare

    some of them are only connected to one artist (for me) :
    swedish (actually the group that has it only comes from sweden but they sing in english...)

    some of them are connected to too many things that are only little related to each other (singer-songwriter is just way too vague, it's not like "boys band" that may relate to 90s groups of dance music)

    Thanks in advance

    My musical preference is 88.98% similar to the Amarok Users group. Musically, I fit in!
    My musical preference is 85.54% similar to the Mandriva group. Musically, I fit in!
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