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    I just finished the new version of my Tools. It allows you to create weekly or overall charts based on friends, create a graph of a users friends or find a connection between two users. At the moment I'm trying to fix and clean the code and want to see how it performs under some more load, as I am concerned that the graph calculation consumes a lot of computing power. But I'm looking forward to implement more features and I have seen some great suggestions here.

    Check it out: Tools

    • C26000 sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 jul 2007, 22:01
    My friend list is not exactly what I would call a 'friend list' so this stats are not very useful for me, but I'm sure that other people will enjoy them, good work!, I like specially the friend chart utility :)

  • hey 26000, thanks, I see there is a bug in there, I'm trying to fix it right now.. hope it will be working again soon :)

  • Fixed. Was about the case-sensitivity of usernames. I removed it.

  • *new* Now with even more charts and a similar artist map!

  • Hey,

    could someone just update the url of my tools please? It changed to


    • C26000 sa...
    • Användare
    • 4 feb 2008, 13:49
    ok I will change the link, but it doesn't work correctly here in IE7. the text boxes are very small and you can't know what are you writting on them

    • Celuie sa...
    • Användare
    • 29 jun 2008, 20:06

    Friends-Charts Radio...

    Now the only thing missing is a Radio Station! Out of the friends charts..! ;)

    I'd die for such a thing..

    (Ain't there no possibility? I suppose, It would have been easier, with how the old player worked... Where each "listen in radio station" link of an artist gave out a number code, which one could collect (at least i used to) to put together an ultimate artists station... in opposite to just the similar artists radio station..
    I never got over it, when they removed that possibility on the player to manually put in the strings.. Haven't got the programming skills to throw up such a thing on my own.. These days this action seems to turn out more complicated? Or not? ;)

    I'm sure, one of you smart guys could come up with a code for that! ;)

    you chanel chainsaw, you.
    • ViDLuv sa...
    • Användare
    • 9 feb 2010, 04:32
    still very cool Tool!

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