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A creative Star Wars Fanfiction written in the form of letters (notes) between characters

This is a group for fans of Star Wars, or those who would not mind learning about Star Wars and participating in an ongoing, interactive Star Wars story in the form of letters (notes).

This group is also for those who would just like to sit back and read the stuff that the participating group members come up with.

The point is that this should be fun! :)

The way this will work is that if you are interested in a particular character, you may sign up for that character. This does not mean that you necessarily get to be that character in all of the interactions between characters. Let me explain that.

Every set of notes contains two characters...example Luke and Darth Vader. Both Luke and Darth Vader write to other people as well. (Luke and Leia, Vader and Palpatine, etc.)

I (the moderator) am always one of the characters in the sets of notes. I determine which character I would like to be. This means that sometimes I will be your character for a particular set of notes. If you are that character, it is your responsibility to read that note interaction. The reason that I ask this is so that you know all the information that your character is supposed to know in the storyline, and so that the story will have no contradictions.

There is a particular storyline that I set, and the storyline, while I try to follow the movies in general, it deviates in some places quite a bit.

If you are interested in being a particular character, what I will do is send you the particular information that you need to know as that well as where I would like to go with the storyline. I would send this to you in a private message.

The Notes will be posted in the forum section of the group.

Feel free to join and invite more of your friends :) The more people we have the more fun this will be.

You are allowed to be as many characters as you wish, though the more characters you take on the more notes you will write.

More specific rules will be posted in the group forum.

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