• New release - BO NO BO

    Greetings Ijah sistren/bredren,

    Introducing the latest album of a new wave, dub inspired artist Bonobo

    So no Dub this time, but it echoes Dub:P


  • Really chill

    but not a mix of thyne

  • thyne

    Glad you like it, Please explain the word thyne!?

  • thyne = yours

    I expected a mix - yours

    or are you Bonobo?

    Masterlijk goed!

    • blueyz sa...
    • Användare
    • 9 apr 2010, 02:51
    `black Sands` isnt a bad album ,,,not his best work though imo,,another album to keep in my collection though i suppose..

  • I&I will have to agree on that blueyz :D

    • blueyz sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 apr 2010, 22:51
    Bonobo`s `Solid Steel` is well worth a listen to, btw, i never listened to your mix yet Perziksmaak, it can only have in it what i have here already though. good idea though.

  • new way to link

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