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    My name is Anouk Radix and I am from the Netherlands. I recently heard about fromsome sighted friends (I am blind). I am fairly good with computers but I got a bit overwhelmed by In fact I gave up on it at first because I could not use its proprietary software and I thought the third party tools did not work. But apparently they do. I now use foobar with audioscrobbler and that works great... I use webformator to make internet explorer more accessible since hal is not doing such a great job of it. I want to try ubuntu linux in the future with firefox.
    But now I have a few questions, which I hope someone here can answer (i also tried joining the mailing list but I have not yet got a reply back). I can send my songs up to but then I think i cant get any recommendations because I think this only works if you mark songs as loved. But I cant get this to work properly... Does anyone know if this is accessible? and, if not then whats the use of for blind peope? I mean, then I can as well use shoutcast...
    Also, I installed speakon, I was a bit disconcerted when I got no braille on my braille display, and rather displeased when I heard microsoft sam... I wonder if speakon also works with non-microsoft voices, for example scansoft daniel. Also, Can I only listen to radio (will speakon take into account the songs you love so that you can listen to recommended radio)?
    And, if so, cant you just do this on the website as well? I mean, i thought that was one of the features that is accessible?
    I suppose that it is not possible to use the media centre and scrobble the songs you play therein back to the songs you play as loved? If that was possible then I would fint i tterrific.
    Thanks in advance for any help,
    Greetings, Anouk,

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    • 30 jan 2009, 19:28
    Hi Anouk, sorry for getting to your message so late.
    As you probably know by now, recommendations come after you've been on for a while and listened to lots of music. Then you should be able to listen to your recommendations in the library in the personal stations category. Marking songs as loved is easy enough when they play in SpeakOn, but on the website it's a bit more complicated. You need to go to the track page, find a link that says more, click that, then look for a link that says love track. Click that and it should work. It's too bad you missed the old website, it was so accessible and simple to use. This new one is a pain in the neck sometimes.
    Yes you can configure SpeakOn in the speech settings from the main application window to use any Sapi 5 voice you have. The manual will tell you all about it.
    You said (Can I only listen to radio (will speakon take into account the songs you
    love so that you can listen to recommended radio)?)
    You can listen to, radio Time, podcasts, music on your harddrives and cds, etc. Unfortunately those won't scrobble yet but that's coming, soon I think.
    Loving tracks has nothing to do with recommended radio, just your loved station. I see you're a subscriber so you can play your love tracks.
    There are loads of other sorts of stations you can listen to on with SpeakOn: tags, similar artists, group radios, libraries of other users, etc. It's all there in the library in the SpeakOn application.
    The manual explains just what you can do in SpeakOn and how to do it.
    You can listen to anything you want on the website, but the flash player will not let you control the volume independently of your screen reader, when new songs begin to play the window will mess with the focus of whatever you might be reading in your browser, and SpeakOn is just quicker. Just organize your favorite stations in the library and change stations quickly. No looking for the play radio link on the page of the radio you wanted to play.
    Again sorry for the late reply, not much activity with this group and I hadn't been checking it, naughty me. Hope it helps.
    About the mailing list, if you have trouble joining it just write to Isaac.

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