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  • ggauqmeba

    yeah, we all here miss you. Hard to believe that he never makes some more masterpieces

    november 2014
  • LedeuxmachinaII

    Anyone from México who loves this amazing songwriter?

    juli 2012
  • tyveranthula

    When I first time heard "Dreaming for light years in a belly of a mountain" was late at night and I felt magic from this song... I miss you Mark, we all here miss you.

    augusti 2011
  • jackrusher

    The permissions in this group have been opened up (sorry all, hadn't realized they were closed).

    mars 2010
  • haavi


    mars 2010
  • scott_sea

    RIP Mark. Thanks for the beautiful music.

    mars 2010
  • melvinz


    maj 2009
  • tiredtourist

    I think you should change the description on here. A good deal of his music is definitely not "lo-fi".

    april 2009
  • gareth53

    Q from Blueboy: "Why do one of the greatest artists in the history of music not get more attention?" .... I don't think Linkous seeks attention, I'm not sure he's comfortable with it - he barely does any press, even when he has a new record out or is on tour. i think he's fine with his current profile.

    november 2008
  • BlueB0y

    Why do one of the greatest artists in the history of music not get more attention? :(

    augusti 2008
  • BlueB0y

    Does anything ever happen here?

    juli 2007