Spanish cultural online magazines?

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    • 18 sep 2006, 14:17

    Spanish cultural online magazines?


    I'm looking for Spanish websites, where I can find news about cool music, books, art, cultural events etc. in Spain. Preferably in English (or with editors who are speaking English), and preferably with cool stuff for young people with great taste.

    I'm working in Polish cultural magazine ( and we are looking for for partners in every European countries, so we can gather informations from them about what's going on right now in their countries: what good music is being released, what bands are playing in their country etc. We are plannig to do a website in English, where we will put cultural news from all around Europe, that will be interesting for young people. Basically this portal will be gathering informations from our partner websites from every country. So when someone is gonna be looking for info "what's going on in Europe right now?", he will find the answers on our site.

    If you could give me some hints, or maybe some links to the sites that in your opinion are great, I would really appreciate this!

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