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Haven't seen anything like that around, so I found it necessary to create one. Visit also Neoclassical black metal.

Good resource:

Heavily recommended:

Recommendation #1: This track was the first one to get me into this enigmatic, one of a kind, ultimate band. Maybe will be yours as well, if you don't know Darkspace yet.

Recommendation #2: Wroth from Darkspace's first project is Paysage d'Hiver, which shares almost everything with its successor. Despite its thematics is winter, winter and winter, it has the same spacey, void-like feeling.

Recommendation #2,5: Sun of the Blind is Darkspace's side project, created by Zhaaral. Not necessarily black metal, but people assign it to atmospheric black metal scene. Much softer and pleasant to the ears. There is only one album available.

Recommendation #3: Mostly unknown, yet adored by those, who found it. Real pearl among black metal acts. Very reminiscent of Darkspace, yet adding a lot more elements to their music. Maybe not as gentle as their main inspiration, but still epic. Carcharoth Λ.V.

Recommendation #4: Trist is a side project of Aran from Lunar Aurora (great band too). Generally dark ambient, with an exception for this Darkspace-like, hour-long, hypnotic void. Four ambient parts and two black metal beasts. Great sample, as well. Very inspiring speech about the philosophy in outer space. A must for every space lover.

Recommendation #5: Astral Silence, Swiss as Darkspace, but much slower and keen on ambient layers rather than wall of guitar sound. Plenty of great harmonies. Top notch space black stuff.

Recommendation #6: Australian band Spire is fairly fresh to the scene, without wider recognition whatsoever. I am a huge fan of their first EP, which contains seven tracks and is one of the most complete albums I've ever heard.

Recommendation #7: I don't know what else to say about this band, aside from the fact, their debut album has shaken the atmospheric black metal scene well. Deserved? I think yes, because they're very intriguing. I, personally, don't feel them that much. Progenie Terrestre Pura.

Recommendation #8: There is no space black metal without Alrakis. He could teach many how to combine this genre with ambiance and reminisce of space. There's a stolen bootleg and official album, both worth checking.

Recommendation #9: Aton is a mysterious project I liked a lot back in time of searching for new stuff. Not necessarily dedicated to outer space, but sounding very much alike. "12th Planet, Anunnaki, Religion's Deconstruction" Sounds intriguing, eh? Check his album, make sure it's 7 tracks, not standard 4.

Recommendation #10: I was the first person to receive and promote this release / project. It has impressed me, so it came naturally. Great successor of bands like Astral Silence, adds some quality to the scene. Great sampling, by the way. Nice to see it gaining recognition. Pravus Abyssus.

Self-promotion: Owner of this group is a man behind space ambient project Cold Womb Descent. I'd be glad if you took a spin through the underlined trilogy another day :)

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