Your favourite artists?

  • Your favourite artists?

    I joined this group because I'm very interested in music related to the galaxy and everything surrounding it. I see this group is a bit dead though, but don't worry. We will make this place living again, heh.

    What are your favourite artists in this subgenre? Just name a few artists you like with a small description for other people to check out!

    My suggestions:

    Viridian Sun - My favourite project when it comes to space-like Ambient. Very trippy and very dark with lots of variation. Mostly very long songs but it doens't get boring at all. I've only heard 'Solar Noise' so I can't tell you anything about their second album (if somebody has, care to desribe how that one sounds?).

    Steve Roach - Also a great Ambient artist who has a lot of releases. I never checked them all but from what I've heard I can only say that I love his music. Recommended stuff!

    Darkspace - Probably not an easy band for most people. They create furious Black Metal with lots of spacey synths buried in the mix. Very monotone and long songs so not for everyone I guess. Personally, I love them.

    Now it's your turn.

    • Amarvl sa...
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    • 28 jan 2006, 20:53
    I'd say Arksun(Hidden Logic), although he sometimes creates the most crappy discotracks he can also make the most interresting soundscape like 'Lost Civilisation' en 'One day' He's musically very gifted and his melodies are most of the time somewhere between jazz and trance.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 29 jan 2006, 13:17
    If I would like to listen some space-inspired music, I mostly listen to the album The Equatorial Stars. I don't know if it suits here, but I also like The Songs of Distant Earth, and sometimes sci-fi film soundtracks can be good too, like The Day the Earth Stood Still. If someone knows an interesting sci-fi soundtrack, pls post it here.

  • Most Sci-Fi movies are having lame classical music soundtracks. I can't recall any Sci-Fi movie with a soundtrack fitting the atmosphere.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 29 jan 2006, 15:18
    In case of new movies you are right, but some older sci-fi movies had really good, rather athmospheric score, I remember another one: Dune. But it isn't surprising, because Brian Eno also took part in this album, so it has some fine, ambient tracks - and the orchestral parts of it aren't that lame neither.

    edited - ok, only one track is composed by Eno. Anyway, give it a try, if you don't know it.

    • Amarvl sa...
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    • 4 feb 2006, 07:14


    Quoth liquidsquid:
    Most Sci-Fi movies are having lame classical music soundtracks. I can't recall any Sci-Fi movie with a soundtrack fitting the atmosphere.

    'Earth: Final Conflict' Get that sound track, it's amazing.

  • Klaus Schultze

    Klaus Schultze - very spacey

    • robwest sa...
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    • 21 feb 2006, 23:51

    Klaus & Friends

    Klaus Schultze for sure.

    Are y'all into things outside of the Berlin School? I'm a big fan of TC's SpaceMusic Podcast - where I've learned of emost some new folks:

    * planet boelex
    * James Bernard
    * Secede - a new personal favorite

    away along the riverrun past eve and adams

  • Yeah, eatpeace. I think you're right in saying Mike Oldfield can be space music.

    I'll have to check out that Bernard Herrmann soundtrack. One of my favorite sci-fi soundtracks is 'Event Horizon' (Michael Kamen + Orbital). It's not for everyone, but it's got a fun, dark mix of Kamen's orchestration and Orbital's electronic beats and synths. A little repetitive, but I keep coming back to it.

    If you can handle electronic/industrial music, Front Line Assembly's 'Implode' CD has tons of samples from sci-fi movies (including Event Horizon). The track, "Synthetic Forms," is one of my favorite sci-fi soundtracks - even though it's not actually a soundtrack to anything.

    ..And if you can put out a few dollars, there's a GREAT box set of sci-fi anthems and themes from (and inspired by) all sorts of classic sci-fi movies and tv, called "Brain in a Box: The Science Fiction Collection." I highly recommend it, especially if you can find it used. There are some amazing (and sometimes bizarre) tracks in the set.

  • Thanks, robwest! I just bought Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic and New Life on eMusic. Great stuff! planet boelex sounded interesting from the few samples I could find online. I'll have to check into them more, too.

    I've been to TC's SpaceMusic Podcast page a couple of times, but have yet to give it a listen. Probably something I should do now that you've introduced me to some of the artists.

    In response to the original question - My favorite artists:

    Biosphere - Geir Jenssen's ambient project. The older albums tend to be more electronic (Patashnik), while the newer feel more organic, warmer and more life-like (Substrata).

    Delerium (early 90's) - Most people know Delerium in its recent incarnation - new age pop with Enigma-esque elements, generally topped with popular female vocalists. While there's nothing wrong with this (I do like all of Delerium's music), it's the earlier albums like Stone Tower, Spiritual Archives, Spheres & Spheres II, and even Semantic Spaces (though, this album is more pop), that keep me coming back for more. Dark, often empty, floating, sometimes gothic with ceremonial sounding drum layers.. echoing synth textures, choirs, and pads.

    Igneous Flame - Deep and alien soundscapes (especially Intox - I had a tough time with that album at first, but now I like it). Most of the music has a "muffled" feeling.. like being immersed in something (not always a comfortable experience). I seem to lose all track of time when I listen to Igneous Flame.

    Maitreya - Also a somewhat alien atmosphere (while at the same time emanating a friendly warmth), but pulls you into the experience gently. A bit lighter in tone than Igneous Flame, and definitely more toward the space music genre.

    Solar Fields - While not distinctly in the space music category (Blue Moon Station comes the closest), it does carry its essence. Electronic/ambient with some interesting use of sound and textures.

    ... Along with most other artists on the Ultimae label.

    ...unrelated to space music...

    BT - Electronic pop. Master sound mixer. I'm in awe of his obsessive editing techniques (refuses to use MIDI and edits everything by hand). Emotional Technology has held up as my favorite album since its release.

    Martina Topley-Bird - Former backup vocalist for Tricky. Mainly mellow trip-hop, with occasional pop tracks that are slightly heavier.

    Psychic TV - Such variety from album to album that it would be hard to write much about them. "Experimental" would probably be the best explanation. Their ambient works are what I listen to the most (Kondole being my favorite).

    But really... it's impossible for me to select and stick with favorites. There's too much good music! I guess that'll do for now. :)

    [ugh.. bare with me.. still learning how to use tags.]

  • Biosphere, Rhythm & Noise, Francis Dhomont, Robert Rich, Pierre Henry, Eno, Fripp, Fripp & Eno, Eliane Radigue, Arcane Device, Faust, Tony Conrad, La Monte Young, NEU!, Conrad Schnitzler, Haruomi Hosono, the Orb, Oskar Sala...

    My definition of Space Music is probably too broad, but here it is: Music that makes you Space Out...


  • Forgot - Laurie Spiegel, Maryanne Amacher, Ellen Fullman, Merzbow, Iannis Xenakis, Arne Nordheim, Zoviet France...

    They can all be pretty spacey too!

  • I think Klaus Wiese, David Parsons, Steve Roach, Mathias Grassow, Matthew Florianz, Tangerine Dream & Klaus Schulze and so on.. and also some ambienters

    oh and definition, that this music makes man space out is very nice :)

  • Our favorite music is mostly Brian Eno and Harold Budd. Those two artists were a great inspiration to us to compose our own music.

    Willem & Madeleine (aka) Hyperborea

  • Re:

    Quoth hyper2borea:
    Our favorite music is mostly Brian Eno and Harold Budd. Those two artists were a great inspiration to us to compose our own music.

    Willem & Madeleine (aka) Hyperborea

    any homesite of this your project? :)

    and btw Budd and Eno is good duo.. I used to love their Pearl

  • figured it out in your profile.. :P and you are producing very nice music I think.. it may well be the space too

  • Thanks Iron Storm, glad you liked it :-)

  • Thanks, everyone. There are some great artists mentioned in this thread that I would have missed were it not for you.

  • hey again :-)

    so did you tried something, that someone here (probably me) mentioned? :-)

  • Hey, Iron_Storm. Yes! I've been busy downloading Steve Roach, Matthew Florianz, and Mathias Grassow albums from eMusic. There are so many! I'm digging most of what I've had a chance to listen to so far. Thanks for your recommendations!

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 2 jul 2006, 16:25


    Maybe they don't fit here exactly - although their name would totally indicate it - but if you listen to the album
    Before the Dawn Heals Us, you can feel some kind of space mood, I think it is something like the 70's spacerock, just more electric and eclectic. Give them a try.

  • oh man! spacerock and psychedelic rock is interresting chapter.. If it sounds like Silver Apples, Pierre Henry, White Sound or something like that, then it will be for sure interresting, thx for tip ;)

    and zakmckracken, that's good! like those things? :)

  • Favourite artists

    I don't know if anyone will read this or not but here goes. Pink Floyd is still up there for me. Also I like Steve Roach, Global Communication, Lustmord, Drone, Hawkwind, Vidna Obmana, Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, Black Lung, Tangerine Dream.......... ... ;; ;

    Leave only your footsteps.
    • wavex sa...
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    • 21 aug 2006, 17:09
    Tangerine Dream (70's/80's)
    Brian Eno
    Klaus Schulze
    ...but also Ligeti and Schönberg in some cases. ;)

  • best ones....

    oophoi for sure, even better than steve roach, he's excellent.....really deepdeep hyperspace music

    and steve roach is not bad, he's very great

    one more: Numina

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