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Movie, TV, musical, theatre scores, broadcasting, game soundtracks, audio books.

First rule of SOUNDTRACK is:
Applicants under 2000 listened tracks will be automatically declined. Be patient and apply again later.
Second rule of SOUNDTRACK is:
Applicants under 2000 listened tracks will be automatically declined. Be patient and apply again later.
Third rule of SOUNDTRACK is:
[/ deleted /]
Fourth rule of SOUNDTRACK is:
Tag your music right (no "Soundtrack", no "[unknown]")
Fifth rule of SOUNDTRACK is:
Members of the group PETA - People for the Eating of Tasty Animals will always be checked and declined.
Sixth rule of SOUNDTRACK is:
Before hitting the "Join" button, care to take a look at our charts or the charts of any of our members, this discussion and apply ONLY if you feel you share the same mindset, thus saving your disappointment and my precious time. Thank you.


And the eighth and final rule:

Definition of 'Soundtrack'

a) Physical portion of film
In terms of film formats, the soundtrack is the physical area of the film which records the synchronized sound.

b) Movie and television soundtracks
Main article: film soundtrack
The term soundtrack most commonly refers to the music used in a movie (or television show), and/or to an album sold containing that music. Sometimes, the music has been recorded just for the film or album (e.g. Saturday Night Fever). Often, but not always, and depending on the type of movie, the soundtrack album will contain portions of the score, non-diegetic music composed for thematic effect as the movie's plot occurs. In 1916, Victor Schertzinger recorded the first music specifically for use in a motion picture, and releasing soundtracks of songs used in films became standard in the 1930s. Henry Mancini, who won an Emmy Award and two Grammys for his soundtrack to Peter Gunn, was the first composer to have a widespread hit with a song from a soundtrack.

The soundtrack on a record can contain all kinds of music (including "inspired by"; see the Harry Potter soundtracks), contained in a movie; the score contains only music by the original film's composer(s).


c) Video game soundtracks
Soundtrack may also refer to the music used in video games. While sound effects were nearly universally used for action happening in the game, music to accompany the gameplay was a later development. Rob Hubbard and Martin Galway were early composers of music specifically for video games for the 1980s Commodore 64 computer. Koji Kondo was an early and important composer for Nintendo games. As the technology improved CD-quality soundtracks replaced simple midi files starting in the early 1990s and the soundtrack to popular games such as the Final Fantasy series began to be released separately. In adition to compisitions written just for video games,advent of CD technology allowed developers to incorporate licensed songs into their soundtrack. (The Tony Hawk series is a well known example of this) Furthermore when Microsoft released the Xbox in 2001 it featured an option to allow users to customize the soundtrack for certaint games by ripping a CD to the Hardrive.


source: Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia

To sum it up, one could define the genre as contemporary classical (classical music of our times), but doing so would seriously narrow down the scope, which expands and transcends all known musical boundaries at the same time.

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