Showing artists which I deleted (bug?)

    • Davpe sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 dec 2008, 19:31

    Showing artists which I deleted (bug?)

    I have started using soundasmus (great thing by the way) but it sends me even news about artists I already deleted and don't listen anymore. Could you please fix it? Thank you

    • behlert sa...
    • Abonnent
    • 15 dec 2008, 06:49
    I commented on the same question here.

    new and upcoming music releases from the artists you listen to
  • OK, so I went and read the comment in the other thread. It didn't really make it any more clear to somebody who is unfamiliar with the behind the scenes functionality of soundamus and

    So when I remove an artist from my library, soundamus doesn't see that?

    That's a pity if so because the number of matches I am getting on a few deleted artists is overwhelming the matches on artists that I do listen to -- to the point that soundamus matches are starting to feel like spam (i.e. copious amounts of stuff I am not interested in) and I am feeling more and more like just not using it any more.

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