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    • 28 feb 2006, 20:23


    What do you guys want to see in future releases of songbirg, besides the stuff they list in their roadmap?

    I want it to be able to recognize track order in albums, and submit to last.fm, after that, it's perfect.

  • yeah, and the integration of last.fm radios would be cool too :D

    • sherlok sa...
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    • 1 mar 2006, 10:45

    Last.fm and artwork support

    Agreed! I can't wait for last.fm support, and maybe ID3v2 image frame support so we can view/change artwork - or possibily have the ability to find artwork on the net?

    However, for a 0.1 preview songbird is uterly awesome. Looking forward to the next version.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 3 mar 2006, 00:53
    Hells yea.

    • wooomp sa...
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    • 9 mar 2006, 20:55

    Use Songbird as Lastfm Player

    It would be so much better to use songbird as the Lastfm play. the lastfm player doesn't have the many options that songbird does. Let me know if I can help.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 10 mar 2006, 22:43
    It seems some staff from Last.fm partied with some staff of songbird last night in San Fran. It would be reasonable to assume last.fm submissions via songbird will arrive soon eh?

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 14 mar 2006, 18:12
    Hello everybody,

    You can put plugin in songbird for msn "now playing" option :)))

    i wish you good luck with Songbird project

    p.s. Check it out little support from me on my blog http://soundsofrobotheart.blogger.ba/ :)))

  • Song Ratings, Last.FM auto playlist

    I think Song Rating would be cool, and last.fm support as others were posting, but I would like to see, an auto playlist generator, for my local music, that plays songs similar to the current song playing(there is a script for media monkey that does exactly this.)

  • - to remove it's over-dependance on the intraweb.
    - last.fm support HARDCORE
    - better "feathers"
    - customization!

    • JABITheW sa...
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    • 21 mar 2006, 13:16
    "- to remove it's over-dependance on the intraweb.
    - last.fm support HARDCORE"

    Self contradiction?

    I would like to see integration with iTunes network sharing.

    Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way.
    Do you like the way the EU is going? If the answer is yes or no, come talk to us in the group for EU nationals.
  • i spose.

    even though they are seperate wishes. i'd like it to not depend on the internet to use most of it's functions (such as the opening page or w/e)

    but i also <3 last.fm, so i want that support.

    • lingenfr sa...
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    • 9 apr 2006, 20:15

    Got to support ogg vorbis tags

    Until this happens, it is pretty much useless to me. I look forward to further development. I haven't quite figured the dev group out yet. Hiring? Looking at some of the accomplishments of the dev team, I am a bit surprised that they are not doing more frequent updates and that some fairly common functionality is not available yet. Regardless, I hope they continue to improve SB.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 12 apr 2006, 07:41
    i want my artist in order from a-z,that is what is really getting me, and to edit the songs better like in itunes

  • Right now Songbird looks as if they just took iTunes and Firefox's heads and just smashed them together:

    id say it needs

    device support, ipods, etc

    better GUI, and skin options

    bittorrent support

    ID3 tag/ artwork support

    TABS for chissakes!

    support for videos and a UI to organize and managage them

    New Weird in the bookmarks ;-)

    • nnonix sa...
    • Användare
    • 23 maj 2006, 23:04

    It's the plugins that will make Songbird great.

    By itself, it only needs to be a good media player/browser and offer good organizational tools.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 8 jun 2006, 02:25
    It would seem v.2 is fast approaching, know what that means? A linux version.

  • the only things i dont like

    doesn't sort by album(at least if it can i can't figure it out)
    no mass tag editing.

    and i dont like that it sees say, Children of bodom as a different artist from Children Of Bodom. but i could get over this if there was mass tag editing, or the ability to change the name of the artist in the artist section of the library, and the same for album

  • The integration to last.fm could be done with extensions. I want it to be more stable. I like browsing youtube in this. TABS!where are they? linux version would be nice, as well.

    EDIT: I guess that last wish isnt that faraway!

    • mrm52 sa...
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    • 5 sep 2006, 18:03
    I want it to be more stable.

    Yes! I also want it to be much leaner. 100+ megs on startup is just not acceptable.

    i dont like that it sees say, Children of bodom as a different artist from Children Of Bodom

    I agree with this as well. That is a bug in my opinion. It should be smart enough to differentiate

    By itself, it only needs to be a good media player/browser and offer good organizational tools.
    Yes yes yes! Lets make songbird a small efficient tool. Save all the bells and whistles for those who need/want it.

    • horrors sa...
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    • 5 sep 2006, 22:04
    I'd like a systray icon, so that I can hover over it to see Artist - Title.

    Just a comfort ;)

  • - Advanced Tag support (Album artist tag, rating tag, Album art, Lyrics, etc..)
    - Last.fm support ! (not just submission but a last.fm driven party shuffle)
    - More playlists

    • twopeak sa...
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    • 7 sep 2006, 10:24
    not only last.fm integration, but make some kind of way that other services can use it too.
    It would be nice if music shops could make a plugin to easily buy/preview music, that online radiostations could make a plugin to find new radio stations, and so on. (maybe even add MyFairTunes and FairUse4WMV)

    And the UI can be improved: mixing playlists, welcome page, bookmarks, music stores, ... in one list feels weird to me. Maybe tabs could make it more logical?
    And it really does look too much like iTunes (even if iTunes has a nice UI). A personal touch(tm) could make it a lot nicer.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 28 okt 2006, 10:37

    win32 context menu: enqueue in...

    I really need "Enqueue in Songbird" on Windows system context menu just like Winamp do it.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 28 okt 2006, 19:13
    last.fm support and better tagging is just about all i need. I really like this program so far.

  • + Right-click menus in mini-player mode like Winamp. Always on Top option for mini-player like Winamp. Enqueue files like Winamp. The mini-player could be even slimmer (like Winamp) but at least it isn't dropping over window title bars now. And if it wasn't obvious, I use Winamp.

    + Songbird has a lack of right-click menus in general now.

    + I'd like the sidebar to be collapsible/expandable with a button press rather than a drag action.

    + Better media organization. Sorting should ignore The, A and An.

    + Downloads file naming customization based on tags, e.g. Artist - Track.mp3 instead of just filename.mp3.

    + And for me to use it as a default browser (not sure about this one, I'm still really attached to Firefox), I'm going to need to do everything from Songbird I can do from Firefox now so that means Greasemonkey script support, Adblock Plus, tabs, search, a bookmark toolbar across the top. Not much of a side menu type.

    + Mass metadata editing.

    + Full ID3 2.4 support.

    + CD support. I'm sure that's coming at some point anyway. I can't imagine a media player without it.

    + DVD video support. Since it's built on VLC, this should be (hopefully) fairly straightforward. Then I can use Songbird as my player for all my media.

    + MusicBrainz support, i.e. lookups, tagging based on MBID, etc. At the very least, I'd like search functionality with MusicBrainz. If Songbird is not going to have mass tagging options, I'll live. I'm quite happy with Picard and ID3-TagIT right now.

    + And of course, a working AudioScrobbler plugin that integrates with the last.fm client so all the track info shows up there and we get the benefit of tagging and loving, etc.

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